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Last Activity:
Jan 21, 2021 at 6:15 PM
Jan 9, 2014

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The black Butler

Imago_ was last seen:
Jan 21, 2021 at 6:15 PM
    1. Leods
    2. Edy
      Curse of the Horde. That looks amazing, any chance I can have the unpolished version. I've played every map by you, they are good and very unique -I like the style :)
    3. deepstrasz
      All the screenshots for your older maps are gone :(
    4. Green_Gold
      Hello Imago_, I come from China, please forgive my broken English, I try to use

      translation software. I really like your "Forsaken Island", good job, but I have a

      bad news, I am very sad very angry, prevalence of piracy in our country, many

      people steal each other maps for profiteering, this kind of thing I have seen too

      many, but they send your "Forsaken Island changed", but also sell VIP, model, change

      your map, I think this is blasphemy. I don't want to see my favorite map blemished.

      Here is the link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1eUbDriE
      You can see what they've done,

      they've made hundreds of dollars, models, vips, privileges. Oh, my god. Worse, you're not the only victim, The entire hiveworkshop also has a number of maps that are defiled.
      Please forgive my offence but I must tell you.
    5. JesusHipster
      your map are actualy amazing
    6. Sellenisko
      Greetings. Iam a modeller here on Hive and I just started recently one map project of my own and I am in need of a skilled terrainer. I wanted to ask if you would be interested or if you dont know any other terrainer who might be interested in helping me. Anyway, thank you for your time :-)
    7. Sclammerz
      Hi. I really liked your Forsaken Island map. :)
    8. Karassu
      Hey you got some nice maps there! Aweeesssuuummm!
    9. MiniMage
      Just figured I'd contact you since I've haven't heard a word from you.
      Sup? How's it going? ;I
    10. Deolrin
      Just for future reference, WoW models are horrendous and look extremely out of place in-game... I suggest you find more fitting models from the Hive or WC3C. Frankster's models are particularly great.
    11. Orcnet
      How's the update of your map? have you already pulled out the models and icons and replace it with different ones? :wink:
    12. Deleted member 219079
      Deleted member 219079
      I meant my criterias are a bit dumb, but the score most likely wouldn't change :)
    13. Deleted member 219079
      Deleted member 219079
      Go ahead, but they're all my first reviews ever..
    14. Deleted member 219079
      Deleted member 219079
      Your forsaken island is really impressive, very polished ^^

      Are you aware of this bug? He seems to have something to tell me, but there's no interaction button.
    15. Heinvers
      Oh hey there:) Welcome:)
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    Kirin Tor


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