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Ragefire Chasm (map) (WoW instances series)

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Level 5
Dec 27, 2014
Good day to you again, fellow WarCrafters!

I would like to once again look for someone, who would be interested in finishing one of my maps (which I was not able to finish myself due to lack of skills in trigger editing). Map information are as following:

  • Map name: Ragefire Chasm.
  • Map creator/author: Martinus.
    • Actually incorporated new models (might change): Retera.
    • Original concept/derived from (based on) a work of: Blizzard Entertainment.
  • Map creation: 2015.
  • Story setting: Semi-canonical and pro-realistic WarCraft universe. Location and time: Orgrimmar, Durotar, Kalimdor; WoW (classic).
  • Play style/game cathegory: Co-op semi-RPG.
    • Map specifics: No leveling. Player/s choose three out of four hero abilities for their hero at the start of the game and play only with them.
  • Gameplay objective: Fight through the dungeon, kill final boss and return safely at the start of the map/entrance to the instance.
  • Map size: 96 x 96.
  • Player count: 1 - 4.
  • A person well knwledgeable and skilled with triggers:
    • Polishing and maybe expanding some triggers.
      • Creating a "Charge" ability for Tauren Warrior (hero).
      • Editing simple boss fights (there 5).
    • My estimation is a day of work with triggers.
  • Some modeler:
    • Slight Kobold models modifications.
    • Slight Snap Dragonmodel modifications.
    • Slight Salamander model modifications.
    • Druid of the Talon->Orc model creation.
  • Each player can chooses one hero from four Horde (in this universe an organization with a confederate status and not in the state of war) races (Orcs, Jungle Trolls, Tauren, Ogres) (maybe a goblin representatives can be added).
  • Each player chooses three out of four hero abilities available at the start of the map.
  • Hero or heroes proceed through the dungeon filled with kobolds, natural denizens and demonic experiments.


  • RFCh - Map1.jpg
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