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R.o.a v-1.4

Submitted by BUP
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
Revolution Of Ancients (R.O.A) v 1.4a
Created by B-UP

Map Info:

Simply choose a hero from the circles and battle.
Buy items and improve your hero's level.
Heroes' Abilities are (Lv1,Lv2,Lv3,Ultimate) - (Up to 3 Levels) and Attribute Bonus(Up to 13 Levels).
Fight through the creeps and towers in three lanes while the creeps grow stronger time by time.
Creeps Grow Stronger at 15 min,30 min to LvL2,LvL3 respectively.
Get bonus XP from the forest creeps.Buy special hero items in the forest.
Destroy the Final Base Building to win.


21 Heroes to choose and battle.
---Game Mode---
-fogless(Disable Fog of War)
*Intending to add more*

  • -om(Only Middle Lane)
  • -ou(Only Upper Lane)
  • -ol(Only Lower Lane)

-cheats (Turn on cheat modes)
-----------------------Cheat Commands-----------------------
-spawnon middle, -spawnon upper, -spawnon lower,
-spawnoff middle, -spawnoff upper, -spawnoff lower,
-supercreep middle, -supercreep upper, -supercreep lower,

-test(Spawns three best heroes of the editor's choice in the middle lane),
-gold(Gives 100000 Gold),
-dummy(Spawns a dummy test subject at the Top Middle Space),
-quan(Creates 12 Hero Choosers),
-esc(When pressed Escape Key the unit is refreshed),
-dar2(Dead and Revive 2 Heroes)
-vulnerable(Makes allied buildings vulnerable),
-cheats help(Show Cheat commands)


Gameplay ScreenShots

Arrow Portal Cast
Heaven's Time:
Blood Rage:
Tide Wave:
Tsunami Pool:
Hero Choosing:

Change Log:

Version 1.4a

  • WoW Icons for some heroes
  • Changed the Map Name to R.O.A
  • The lame abilities from Juggernaut
  • Juggernaut to his own particular abilities
  • Demonic Void Remake

Version 1.4b

  • New Projectile Model for Frost Energy Nova
  • Axes Of Wonder by RMX


Special Thanks for Spells to:
  • "Phoenix Spiral Creator"
  • "Heaven's Time" Creator
  • "Forbidden Spell Pack Creators"
Also thanks to:

  • Power for RedHarvest,DarkHarvest,HarvestMana,InfernoArmor
  • PeeKay for PunishMissle Model
  • 00110000 Arrow of Pestilence
  • Epsilon for SpiritArrow
  • Daelin for Frozen Shell
  • Blizzard for WoW Icons

Author's notes:

I am so sorry for the spell creators.I forgot the name and I can't find it anymore.
Please post your name if your spell is included.
Items are not finished yet for all heroes. :p

Three Lanes,Hero Defense,Tower Defense,Triggers,GUI

R.O.A V-1.4 (Map)

tested it and has same reactions as bhusta's review
  1. tested it and has same reactions as bhusta's review
  2. bhusta


    Mar 6, 2008
    Revolution Of Ancients 1.4b By BUP

    Hiveworkshop description
    • Map Info is OK but you should look at other AoS maps and how they descriped the gameplay
    • you have a lot of this ugly ""Gameplay ScreenShots"" things. Look how the bb-code works and improve it.
    • Why do you upload screenshots from screenshots? :D
    • use gimp or photoshop to convert the .tga into .jpg or .png

    • the file name is way too long. Most people can not see the map in Warcraft because of that. Re-name it to something like "RoA 1.4b.w3x"
    • it's scourge not scourage

    • the changes are hard to read, because of the white color and the background picture.
    • add a box behind the the text so that one can read it properly.
    • Why did you wright bisnar13 in the loadingscreen description?

    • the hero pick system you made is ok but laborious
    • I played "fire mage and frost mage"
      nice idea, splitting a hero into two parts but it is a very bad execution. It is very unfair and in fast
      battles switching heroes is somthing only hardcore gamers can do succesfully.
    • The tooltips are very messed up. They have Often different styles, no proper
      information about damage or other data and sometimes they are missing.
    • I think the spell phoenix spiral causes the camera sometimes to pan to position of the map or it is caused by a different trigger for whatever reason.... akward
    • Many spells had no coodown and no mana costs
    • the clock you implemented is very disturbing because it causes the notification of low costs, medium costs and high costs.
    • The terrain is simple and flat
    • you forgot to import disable buttons for the imported buttons or you did not use the right path.
    • you have to add some spaces in you ingame text messages because they look like this atm: "player 1destroyed a tower"

    All in all you have realy a lot to change. Playing this map feels like the author tested all kinds of different ressources but did not balance it to each other. At this state, playing this map is not recommended.

    Don't see this review as an insult but friendly advice.
    Good luck with improving your map :)
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2012
  3. UndeadImmortal


    Jun 27, 2011
    I saw the "Morphling" hero with Archmage name on the screenshot.