Question: Imported Model Causing Problems

Level 6
Jul 2, 2008
My custom map has a problem.
Unfortunately I have never experienced it so I can only guess at the source.
In game, a small portion of players have reported their screens going black frequently, making it difficult for them to play.

At first I disregarded it as something on their end, but as more and more ppl started to experience it, I now believe its something imported into my map that may be causing problems.

I came to this conclusion because I haven't modified any of the games lighting or terrain or anything even close to that. What also drew me to this conclusion is a certain model I imported, when the attack animation is performed, the entire game screen lights up, which I can see being related to the entire game's screen turning black.

Can someone with experience modeling confirm or deny this? If it has nothing to do with the imported models, I'm not sure what else it could be.

My map with the problem is if anyone would like to try to repeat this problem, but like I said, it seems to only be a small number of players who have it happen.

Thanks ahead of time!