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Question about game cache

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Level 9
Apr 19, 2011

I have question about the game cache, as the title says. Let's suppose that I have a campaign (in fact, my proyect is a campaign, that's why I'm asking this) like this:

- Map A
- Cinematic Map
- Map B

Good, I have my characters in Map A, I finish the level, I go trough the cinematic map, and I reach Map B. In Map A, I create a game cache, and store the characters and a bunch of variables in it.
Here's the question: will the data be still there when I reach Map B? I mean, will the "Cinematic Map" affect the data stored in the cache? Will I have to reload all the data in the "Cinematic Map" and store it in a new game cache?

Actually, I'm not sure about how exactly the game cache works, so I have my doubts about the above process.

Not open for further replies.