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Pure Race Mod v0.09 PRE FINAL

Submitted by Commander_Trav
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
This is a some what new race mod. This pre-final is the my first map on HW but it makes all races pure, so orcs are only orcs, no troll tauren, humans only humans, ext. All races have 3 new heros. Some units are only modle change but there are lots of new units as well! I would like to thank all my beta testers (tho i dont no all your names) and all the people who made the modles i used from hive workshop!

NewRace, race mod, new race, fun, hero.

Pure Race Mod v0.09 PRE FINAL (Map)

20:36, 29th Oct 2009 ap0calypse: Rejected Very unbalanced
  1. 20:36, 29th Oct 2009
    ap0calypse: Rejected

    Very unbalanced
  2. Wazzz


    Feb 5, 2009
    This is lacking, I'm sad to say. I kind of like the idea and see where you're coming from (I too considered something like this, only doing it differently, as we are all individuals), but the way you presented this idea is almost completely pointless.

    Let's look at what you actually did so you may see where I am coming from. You only really changed the models of the units along with their names and respective tooltips. You didn't change the units stats or anything. You even said on the Hawk Scout tooltip that it can mount a Wyvern, an interesting feature that was no where to be seen (there wasn't even a riderless Wyvern). Although the idea isn't all that original, it would have been nice to see that promise complete.

    Then there's the greatest problem of all: no real for-thought. There's icons repeated, there's green icons (namely when I try to learn Command Aura for the Orc Commander, though I think I saw others), no changes to the Hero abilities... the list goes on.

    Here's a list of the things that I disliked about each race:
    Humans: I thought you said no Elves or Dwarves. Yet, no matter how much I rub my eyes and seek out help for so called 'delusions', I still see the Spellbreaker, Siege Engine and High Elven Archer. Care to explain? As if to make matters worse, you have a Longbowman later. Could that not have been the replacement for the Rifleman rather than something you were trying to get rid of in the first place? Also, Footman icon is repeated... *sigh*

    Orcs: Mainly model changes... I acknowledge you added the Kodo Tower, not a bad attempt, but at least give it a different icon to the Kodo Beast. You tend to repeat icons a LOT, like with the Warlock and the Champion. Also, how does an Orc Champion get recruited at a Tauren Totem? I thought the Tauren weren't in this map, yet they still have a building.

    Undead: Creeps do not count as new units. Also, there is bound to be some level of imbalance when it comes to using creeps. Additionally, this race really marks a lack of imagination. You use a Pyramid Head model for your own custom map and call it Pyramid Head... Also, you used the Acolyte icon 3 times, one time completely unnecessarily! The Wraith model has a respective icon! Where is it? Not here! Attempt at custom spell: Rain of... Annoyance, did you say? Need I say more when this is a custom spell?

    Night Elves: Only one new unit, all the rest the same... and while lacking the expansion units! Instead of improving the race, you got rid of one of its units! Poor!

    So, in retrospect, how much did you actually do? You say there are lots of new units, which I detest purely because it's not true (there are, at most, 4 new units out of all the races). You say the races are complete, while there are soo many factors you never changed, like the tooltips of buildings, repeating icons and just ultimately lacking originality altogether.

    I give my reccomendation to those out there not to get this map, as there are no real changes to anything at all.
  3. The Blademaster

    The Blademaster

    Dec 15, 2008
    good attempt, failure. illl tell u what the guy above did..
    -undead shouldnt start with skelaton warrior.. unbalance, just rush
    -u changed the fiend w,th skelaton archer PLZ try matcihng them.. fiend can kill 4 archers i bet.. and same price in ur version.
    -make the hawk headed orc skirmisher hero, the other one unit
    -MAJOR BUG: with avatar of ne u can simply kill and revive after lvl 6 so u have mass army of avatar of veng.s
    -why there are spell breakers?

    welll... u get a 1 from me..would give 0 but u tried.. improve it!