Proudmoore with Pistol

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A proudmoore with a secondary weapon, the pistol which uses spell throw animation useful with combinaton direct damage spells like firebolt. Maybe useful for some pirate maps.

Now it has updated the pistol and portrait (are you happy now Wolverabid? :p)

However if you won't use original Proudmoore you can import this model with path Units\Other\Proudmoore\Proudmoore.mdx (yes renaming it) and then the portrait is not needed anymore.

proudmoore, jaina, captain,

Proudmoore with Pistol (Model)

Proudmoore with Pistol (Model)

Level 2
Jul 4, 2008
this is lame. I can just dl a tiny pistol model file and attach it to proudmoore. It'll basically be the same thing. :(