Project: Warhammer 40000

Level 7
Aug 31, 2005
I've searched the best I could, in both the model-libary and -forum, but so far, no result.

I'm planning to do an advanced conversion of Warcraft into W40K AKA Warhammer 40000.
What I've found here are some pretty useful Starcraft marine variations, primarily from Konstrukt, and weapon attachment.
What I really need is:
a) An orc model designed to hold a gun attachment.
b) A space marine (or starcraft marine) model designed to use a sword attachment.

I think a) could be done quite easily by modifying the Fel Space Orc, just remove the weapon.
Or just remove the flamer flame, and I'll use different missile arts for different weapons.

What I wanted the most was, of cause, that someone would make a compleate Space Marine model with gun attachment possibilities. (I am aware that a Space Wolf exists, but he already holds a gun. I need 3-5 different guns.)
And with meele weapon attachments, and a Space Orc with gun and meele attachments.
But I don't expect people to do that, however. I know it is a lot of work.
Level 7
Aug 31, 2005
It's not going to be just a meele game with altered graphics.

It's Space Marines vs. Space Orks, at least that was my plan. Perhaps it's easier to do Chaos SM, as that would just require a skin job on the marines.

But here are the in-game rules:

No base-building whatsoever.
Players starts with fixed gold, builds units with very low build-time at their base.
Players are seperated from the start (no rushing), and starts the game by ability command.
Some special units have a number limit, f.x. Land Raider (set unavailable via triggers)
Heroes = leaders don't get XP or skill points.
Infantry units are trained in groups.
When one member of an infantry group are selected, the whole group are selected (via triggers - and it works!)
Each infantary group has a leader. Not anything special, just to create a better interface with the hero icon in the left sides.
Armored units and veichels have fortified armor - AP attacks are siege attacks.
The game pauses every X sec to give the players time to think and issue new orders. (Not done yet)
Shooters don't shoot in meele combat (This one don't work yet - Suggestions?)
Unit groups extra equipment and units can be bought
Hero (real heroes, not unit leaders) can buy items.
The game ends after an amount of time. Winner is the one with the highest score - score for wiping out unit groups, heroes or veichels, and for reducing a unit group to ½ strength. Perhaps also for posessing table quaters.

This are the "classic" rules, designed to simulate the W40K board game as precicely as possible. I will probably allow the players to choose between classic style and a more RTS like style.