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Project: "Glacier of the Chosen" - Arena

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Level 21
Aug 9, 2006
Hello, folks. Maybe you remember me, maybe not. I am a long time member of the Hiveworkshop and did alot of work on spells and maps on the Hiveworkshop and I am currently making a coming back from my retirement.

Now, I want to start a simple and fun project, a Arena Map with certain features, the name of the map will be Glacier of the Chosen, it is a Map based on the Icecrown Glacier (a unusual choice for a arena), with 12 heroes for the start (later I will stock up to 24 heroes), 4 distinct gaming modes (king of the hill, kill count, capture the flag and death match) and of course triggered spells and alot of items for the shops. The map will have 2 ways of playing it, 2vs2vs2vs2 or 4vs4.

I am looking for people who try to help me to think of abilities for heroes, maybe enhance the raw terrain I already completed and people who want to give me ideas how to improve the map.

The map is currently in developement, finished stuff so far:

Raw Terrain 100%
-Detailed Terrain 25%
Heroes: 100%
-Spells: 0%
Items: 0%
Triggers: 5 - 10% maximum

My personal skills are spellmaking, triggering in general, JASS, terraining and creative directoring.
Level 2
Aug 23, 2011
i don't know but i got interested about your project and i made a loading screen you to avaliate and if you need graphical designer for your project i'm ready for the job xD!


  • Christmas_Wallpaper_Winter_Scene_Ice copy.jpg
    Christmas_Wallpaper_Winter_Scene_Ice copy.jpg
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