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Project Eurica v.1.1.122 (Open-Source)

This bundle is marked as high quality. It exceeds standards and is highly desirable.
Read the description below before you download.

This is a project of mine that has been in development hell for a year now, so I decided to release this map as open source for everyone - fully accessible in the editor.

The Survival Mode of this map is FULLY PLAYABLE, however the sandbox/story mode is completely unfinished. You guys can go ahead and continue the project development or change the direction of this project. If you're looking for a good terrain in your project you can go ahead and claim this map.

I am allowing people to preview and edit this map in any way you want as long as you credit me and the rest of the people listed in 'Credits'. You are not allowed to redistribute this template to other forums/websites.

The assets are loose files, you need to download the files (download provided below) and store the files in the game directory, otherwise the models will appear as checkered boxes ingame and in the editor.

For patch 1.30, store the files at <game directory>/war3.mpq (make a new folder if it doesn't exist)
For patch 1.31, store the files at the main game directory.
For patch 1.32, store the files at <game directory>/_retail (folder) if you're in release version, OR <game directory>/_ptr (folder) if you're playing in PTR version

If you use the any of the assets provided in your own map, make sure you credit the author who created the asset(s)!.

Assets Download:
Mirror 1: Resource: Project Eurica Assets/Files | HIVE
Mirror 2: Project Eurica v.1.1.122 (Open-Source)

The spoiler below will present you the project details, screenshots, as well as the credits.


Created by Strydhaizer



Project Eurica is a Singleplayer Open World Two Genre Map (Wave Survival & LOAP/Partially-RPG) made by Strydhaizer.

Project Eurica is an EXPERIMENTAL project, a map dedicated for the people who loves exploration. The project is not intended to be as complex as those already existing RPG and LOAP maps out there but rather focus on the world design with simple LOAP, RPG, survival elements in it. The project will continously have more and more areas to explore and more and more contents to enjoy as the project develop.

Sandbox/Story Current Features

- Legendary Size Map - Size about 420x square.
- Explorable Interiors - Explorable buildings and caves.
- Varied environment - Theme varies from Winter/Tundra, Woods, Jungle and Swamp biomes in one map.
- Semi-Destructible Environment - Trees, Rocks and Towers are destructible.

- Custom ambience sounds that can be heard throughout the map (Forests, Cities, Inns, Cathedral, Clocktower etc.)
- Minecraft-esque style background music.

Implemented Systems
- Tile-Based Creep Spawns -
Creep spawns not by region but depending on the environment terrain.
- Singleplayer Save and Load - Be able to load your save file across different versions
- Vehicles - Be able to drive tanks and ride horses
- Tied Default and Custom Inventory - This project has a custom inventory system tied to the default Warcraft III inventory system, be able to carry as many as 24 items (18 in full screen inventory and 6 in default). You can also select your arrow types, configure camera and view your stats in the inventory.
- Bullet Collision - Your character and the enemies use a custom made projectile collision system to make ranged combat more realistic. Your enemy melee attacks also collides with the destructible environment!
- Water Generation - Water sources like water collectors regenerate when thunderstorm is happening
- Plant Generation - Plants like bamboo and herbs spawn at the map that can be used to heal your character. These spawn depending on terrain, plants strictly grow at grass areas.
- Survival - You will have to manage your thirst, hunger and sleep levels all the time to survive. Your death will be a loss of all your items. You will also have to manage your stats like Speed, Strength and Accuracy to make yourself effective in combat.
- Reputation - Your reputation varies by faction, you can be a hostile to one faction and have good terms to other faction. Bad terms means they will be sending assassins to hunt and kill your character.
- Ammunition - Your character will run out of ammunition when equipped with ranged equipment.
- Manual Attack - Forget the default auto-attack, you will have to control your character's attack by yourself (through double-clicking in a direction or hitting the attack button). Hitting the ability will automatically attack the direction where the hero is facing, the hero also automatically faces the direction where the mouse is.
- Taming - Tame wolves and cattos, use them as pets which can be useful in combat.
- Patrols - Dynamic units that patrols around the map. Patrols will also attack creeps and other factions across their paths.
- Steal and Backstab - Be able to backstab or steal while the hero is at the back of the unit. Picking any of these two will decrease your hero's relationship to the faction of the targeted unit. Some units like villagers and patrols, will have their own inventories and refreshes everytime the hero sleeps.
- Thunderstorm - Thunderstorm hits the island from time to time.
- Carry-Object - Be able to carry objects or turrets, use it as an advantage or strategy, or use it to do quests.
- Stats System (Accuracy, Speed and Strength) - Hero will have to level up accuracy to make bow and arrow more precise and effective, speed to be able to walk/travel faster, and strength to be tougher in battle.
- Side Quests (Repeating) - Do jobs to earn money to feed your character and to afford items and inn passes
Delivery (Item) - Item delivery where the item should be given only to the recipient and not to someone else
Delivery (Package) - Package delivery where the item needs to be protected while being delivered
Bounty - Assassination of random target in an enemy faction
Favors - Bring items to quest giver
Escort - Protect temporary companions​
- (Matured Content) Gory Deaths and Explosions - 'nuff said. Also any explosions knock you back.
- (Matured Content) Gambling - Ticket gambling to earn or lose money easily.

[More features will come during the development]

Wave Survival Current Features

The wave survival mode is now back from my old project Eurica: The Caribbean v.1.10.1x.

What's New?
A much more expanded weaponry, in Eurica: The Caribbean the hero only has fewer trap and offensive powerup weapons, small map and one weapon type that can use. This time it is much more expanded and diverse.

• Bigger map - 'nuff said'.
• Expanded Arsenal
You can now use tanks, drop baits, create sentry guns and (returning from the old one) call airstrikes and artilleries (but more effective this time!)
- Hero is no longer limited with a gun, the hero can now use bows and swords, whichever you prefer!
• Expanded Survival Needs - Now the hero will have to deal with Hunger, Sleep and Thirst! (Hunger can be prevented by feeding the hero, sleep can be prevented by using Anti Sleep Drugs, and Thirst can be prevented by drinking water or beer)
• More crate shops - There are now Ammo, Armor, Food, Powerups, Bows, Swords and Healthkit crates!
• Updated Unit Waves - Array of wave units have been changed and updated, now you can see 1 of 25 different units every two waves until Wave 50! (Previously it was only 10 type units)
• Best Record Saved - Beat your own record, your highest score is now going to be cached in your savefile!
• Balance - Much more balanced unit life, attack damage and movement speed for every round (it's all generated mathematically with triggers now), no longer you will have to deal hard enemies at early rounds.
• Warp - Due to the size of the map the hero will have a hard time reaching the crates, so the hero will be given a single chance to teleport to any crate locations every end of the round.
• Improved Spawning - The units will no longer spawn in regions, instead the units will spawn around the hero while also off the camera.
• Drop Crates - Get free powerups every end of the round!
• Danger Zones - Unlike the old survival mode of the old Eurica project the survival mode in this map has danger zones, which strikes bomb at random spots near or at the hero to avoid hero camping. This is inpired from PUBG's bomb zones.

What's returning?
• Music - The music used in the first one will be reused. Good ol' scary and droppy track yay.
• Infinity - Infinite waves like the old ones, after reaching level 50 the system will just reset level 50 over and over.

Note: Some of the features mentioned here are shared features from the sandbox mode above, however the wave survival is a completely separate mode which will not affect your progress, stats and inventory in the sandbox/story mode.

Notes/In Development Ideas/Works

In Development Terrain Areas
- House Interiors
- Be able to explore interiors of every houses you can find in the map. Much explore very wow.
In Development Systems (Priority In Order)
- Random Encounters
- Muggers, Thieves and random events that you will discover while travelling

Upcoming Features
- Story and Quests (One time and Repeating)
- More LOAP and RPG features
- More Wave Survival features

- Arena - A duel arena to earn money

[More upcoming features that are still unlisted]

- Optimization - Far units are invulnerable, while units near the hero and camera will be vulnerable, this technique will prevent units from attacking each other off camera while also preventing ranged units from spawning unit missiles (with the missile system).
- Grass Stealth - Be able to hide in grasses!

- 99% of the resources used in this project are made by the modding community (Authors/Creators from HIVE, XGM and WC3C).


View recent/updated media/screenshots/gameplay videos here or here.

Full Map (Indoor areas not included)


Promotional Screenshot




South Village



Yellow Forest




Hammer Clan Base






Silver Clan Base



Winter Woods




Empire Base



Forest / Swamp



Forest Swamp Mining Base


South Forest




Conflicted Pass


Clock Tower


Woods Villages




Introduction Area


Diamond Cave



Woods Villages





Video: Project Eurica (8 Months of Development) - Part 19 by Strydhaizer posted 1 minute ago

Video: Project Eurica - Part 18 (Thieves System) by Strydhaizer posted 10 minutes ago

Video: Project Eurica - Part 17 (Classic Style Boss - Idea) by Strydhaizer posted Jan 25, 2020

Video: Project Eurica - Part 16 (Anti Wall Advantage) by Strydhaizer posted Sep 18, 2019

Video: Project Eurica - Gameplay Test - Part 15 (4 months of progress demo) by Strydhaizer posted Sep 15, 2019

Video: Project Eurica - Gameplay Test - Part 13 (Inventory Update 2.0) by Strydhaizer posted Aug 27, 2019

Video: Project Eurica - Gameplay Test - Part 12 (Inventory Update) by Strydhaizer posted Aug 10, 2019

Video: Project Eurica - Gameplay Test - Part 11 (Inventory Update, Exploration, Enemy Unit Projectile Collision) by Strydhaizer posted Jul 27, 2019

Video: Project Eurica - Gameplay Test - Part 10 (Grass Camo) by Strydhaizer posted Jul 20, 2019

Video: Project Eurica - Gameplay Test - Part 9 (Bullet Collision) by Strydhaizer posted Jul 19, 2019

Video: Project Eurica - Gameplay Test - Part 8 (Horse Race v2) by Strydhaizer posted Jul 5, 2019

Video: Project Eurica - Gameplay Test - Part 7 (Horse Race) by Strydhaizer posted Jul 4, 2019

Video: Project Eurica - Gameplay Test - Part 6 (Dumb AI - Fail) by Strydhaizer posted Jun 21, 2019

Video: Project Eurica - Gameplay Test - Part 5 (Winner Winner Chicken Murder) by Strydhaizer posted Jun 20, 2019

Video: Project Eurica - Gameplay Test - Part 4 (Testing Ammo Collision and Sleeping) by Strydhaizer posted Jun 18, 2019

Video: Project Eurica - Gameplay Test - Part 3 (Testing Lightning and Collision) by Strydhaizer posted Jun 18, 2019

Video: Project Eurica - Gameplay Test - Part 2 (Manual Attack, Equipment, Self-Defense and Homebase) by Strydhaizer posted Jun 18, 2019


Video: Project Eurica - Gameplay Test - Part 1 (Spawning Death, Gathering and Taming System) by Strydhaizer posted Jun 15, 2019






Models and Skins
• 1RingToRule [HIVE]
• 67chrome [HIVE]
• A Void [HIVE]
• arnelbigstonepd33r [HIVE]
• Buster [HIVE]
• Blood Raven [HIVE]
• Cavman [HIVE]
• Celestea [WC3C]
• ChevronSeven [HIVE]
• Cloudwolf [HIVE]
• CybrgDragon [HIVE]
• darkdeathknight [HIVE]
• Debode [HIVE]
• Deolrin [HIVE]
• Dentothor [HIVE]
• Domokun [HIVE]
• efReeZe [XGM]
• Eleandor [HIVE]
• Elenai [HIVE]
• Epsilon [HIVE]
• eubz [HIVE]
• Felipe Gormadoc [HIVE]
• Fingolfin [HIVE]
• Friky [HIVE]
• GolluM_KoMe [HIVE]
• Grendel [HIVE]
• Grey Knight [HIVE]
• HammerFist132 [HIVE]
• HappyTauren [HIVE]
• Hawkwing [HIVE]
• HappyTauren [HIVE]
• Hellish Hybrid [HIVE]
• HerrDave [HIVE]
• Hueter [HIVE]
• Illidan(Evil)X aka CGSource [HIVE]
• InfernalTater [HIVE]
• iNfraNe [WC3C]
• ikillforeyou [HIVE]
• JetFangInferno [HIVE]
• KayS [HIVE]
• kellym0 [HIVE]
• Kitabatake [HIVE]
• klarnetist [XGM]
• Kuhneghetz [HIVE]
• loktar [HIVE]
• Mephestrial [HIVE]
• Mr Goblin [HIVE]
• Mythic [HIVE]
• Nano [HIVE]
• obelick [XGM]
• olofmoleman [HIVE]
• paladinjst [HIVE]
• paulH [HIVE]
• Pins [HIVE]
• PyramidHe@d [HIVE]
• Red Shift [HIVE]
• Rescuer [XGM]
• Ribenamania [HIVE]
• Rightfield [HIVE]
• Rondo [HIVE]
• SA Dashie [HIVE]
• ScorpioT1000 [XGM]
• Sellenisko [HIVE]
• Sephiroth_VII [HIVE]
• Sin'dorei300 [HIVE]
• Spellbound [HIVE]
• spong3bob [HIVE]
• Sunchips [HIVE]
• takakenji [HIVE]
• Talavaj [HIVE]
• Tamplier777 [HIVE]
• Teaspoon [HIVE]
• th15 [HIVE]
• The_Silent [HIVE]
• Thrikodius [HIVE]
• tobyfat [HIVE]
• Tranquil [HIVE]
• UgoUgo [HIVE]
• UncleFester [HIVE]
• Wandering Soul [HIVE]
• WerBackIII [HIVE]
• Whitehorn [HIVE]
• W.I.S.D.O.M. [HIVE]
• Windrunner29 [HIVE]
• Xardian [HIVE]
• xXm0Rph3usXx [WC3C]
• Zadelim [HIVE]

• darkdeathknight [HIVE]
• Hemske [HIVE]
• The Panda [HIVE]
• Wildfire [HIVE]

Spells and Systems
• Adiktuz [HIVE]
• Bannar [HIVE]
• Bribe [HIVE]
• Cohadar [HIVE]
• Diod [XGM]
• Giant_Crab [HIVE]
• msongyyy/msongyboi [HIVE]
• Haley [HIVE]
• IcemanBo [HIVE]
• Nestharus [HIVE]
• Noobsmoke [HIVE]
• Paladon [HIVE]
• _Pharaoh [HIVE]
• PurgeandFire [HIVE]
• Uncle [HIVE]
• Vexorian [HIVE]
• wc3_n00b [HIVE]
• Yellowstar [XGM]

Core Systems

Development Support (Requests, Triggers, Model Fixes etc.)
• Dr Super Good [HIVE]
• Hermit [HIVE]
• SonsOfSami [HIVE]

Self Credit
• Strydhaizer - for developing the terrain and most of the systems made exclusively for this map.

[More authors may be credited during the development]


Jun 14 2020 :
- Added Danger zones in survival mode
- Added Barricades in survival mode
- Added Random drop packages in survival mode
- Fixed healing items in survival, healing kits now stack
- Removed hero health regeneration in survival mode
- Made arrows more expensive in survival mode
- Fixed autopilot icon, it now shows proper icon
- Fixed green quest icons
- Fixed warping causing point leaks
- Fixed the bug where player can skip at pre-first round
- Temporarily removed armor-breaking system
- Fixed the bug where sometimes presssing escape to skip the round it spawn two waves of enemies
- Fixed collision of one house in east base. Added pathing blockers
- Changed some models' team color texture to shaded
- Fixed the bug where the hero can throw arrows without a bow in Survival mode when the player return to wave 1
- Removed energy shield in Multiboard, it's an inaccessible item
- Updated food descriptions to match the data in the triggers
- Fixed the bug where items not getting cleared when player chooses to return to wave 1 in survival mode
- Fixed the bug where switching ammo add extra ammo to player (Exploit)
- Fixed the bug where player get stucked in cinematic mode when going back to level 1 in survival mode
- Fixed the hotkey for dismount should be 'Q' not 'E'
- Fixed the death explosion not playing for Steam Tanks in Survival
- Fixed the sleeping in survival mode, player shouldn't worry about sleeping in survival mode anymore
- Fixed the units at front of the tank not getting knockbacked
- Increased time from 15 seconds to 25 seconds before the wave starts in survival mode
- Fixed missing barricade info in multiboard in survival mode
- Fixed light being visible before spawning in survival mode, also fixed the light not getting Locust/unclickable ability
- Fixed the Barricade and Water Icon
- Fixed the horse in survival mode getting knockbacked when moving

Jun 09 2020 :
- Enabled Sandbox Mode
- Added Job Quests
- New Introduction in Survival
- Some interiors are now accessible
- More information about sandbox posted at the map information/description.

Feb 25 2020 :
- Play the survival mode like the ones in Eurica: The Caribbean v.1.10.1x, but with expanded map, updated wave system, and more variety in customizablity and survival challenges.
- More information about survival posted at the map information/description.
- Sandbox mode as well as the interiors are temporarily disabled/made inaccessible.

Jan 25 2020 :
- Project development resumed

Nov 13 2019 :
- Project development halted due to time constraints

June 21 2019 :
- Started the project


Project Eurica v.1.1.122 (Map)

Project Assets (Mirror)
Be sure to read the instructions at the map description to know what to do with the files provided below, otherwise the models will appear as checkered boxes in the editor and in-game.

  • You can use the MPQ Editor to insert the assets to the map once you finalize it. Once you've finalized the map you should no longer save it, otherwise all the assets you have imported with MPQ Editor will disappear and you will have to reimport them again
  • Alternatively you can just import all the files thru Warcraft 3 Import Manager and correct all the file paths of all the assets
  • Or you can just keep all the assets as loose files (in the directory) if you're just going to observe the map

Update (2024) - Reforged versions only

1. Download the registry file here : Local files (or follow the tutorial, it's the same outcome)
2. Put all files inside the war3.mpq folder you have downloaded from this post to _retail folder (_ptr folder if you're in PTR version of the game)
3. You can now open the map in the Editor

1. To be able to open the map ingame, disable the ff. triggers (it doesn't work in Reforged anymore) before playtesting the map
  • Go to Triggers
  • Locate Libraries > Tree Revival trigger
  • Disable all Tree Revival trigger/s


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