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[Solved] Problem with Gameplay Constants

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Level 3
Nov 28, 2008
Hi there! I'm having some problem with the gameplay constants. Here's the problem :

-I set the maximum hero level to 20 (I also checked the "Use Custom Gameplay Constants" box)
-Placed a hero on the map and set the hero's level to 20
-Tested the map and the level of the hero shown in game is 10 with its experience bar full
-Closed warcraft 3 and rechecked the gameplay constants. Maximum hero level is still 20
-Saved the map and exited WE
-Reopened WE and the map
-Checked the gameplay constants and found that the maximum hero level field is not modified but the "Use Custom Gameplay Constants" box is checked.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?
Please help~
+rep for those who help
Level 21
Jul 2, 2009
This would be helpful and useful, because I seen DOTA do it for the heroes and I was curious on how it was done as well.
Level 26
Aug 18, 2009
The fields there sound like things fitting rather into war3mapSkin.txt. But okay, if they are in misc and I am positive I have not seen them in the World Editor, then you have to keep the import and assemble it manually. When you remove the import and save the map with modified constants, you can open the map archive with a mpq extractor and then pull the war3mapMisc.txt out, merge the lines of this file with the one for the custom fonts and finally reimport it into your map.

There might be another solution in case you possess JNGP. There is an in-bult gameplay constants merger. You could create an external call in vJass that runs the program and combines the current constants in the map with exterior files (e.g. the font specifications) or maybe it is enough to call it just once from the >>>Extensions menu but I am not sure if it keeps the font fields upon saving then as they are normally not displayed in editor, so might not be cached. JNGP also has a function to export all files of a map including constants.
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