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Problem with custom models WCR

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Jan 30, 2022
I'm having trouble importing a downloaded model into the Warcraft 3 Reforged map editor.

I imported all the files that were in the archive when I downloaded. But in the editor itself there is such a situation:

And so on many models.
Help, what can be the problem?


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These models have custom texture assets. The texture imports to your World Editor Asset Manager using "war3mapImported\File.dds" by default. Instead, you have to change the file path of the texture to match a file path that is encoded inside of the MDX binary custom model.

A lot of authors like to encode the "empty path" to make it easy for you, so then you could just click in the Asset Manager and change "war3mapImported\File.dds" to be "File.dds" instead. But if the model authors had their own organization system, they might have put a different custom path which could be annoying. If you want to check, each model from Hive downloads with an automatically generated README file that lists which file paths to use.
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