Predator and Prey Evolution

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Predator and Prey Evolution
By maddeem and LoveForever

Lets break down what this means. The predator and prey mean that there is a constant battle, commonly won by the predators. But this is where the twist is... The game is not only just hack n slay the other team, you can now evolve while doing it!

What this game includes (But is not limited to):
Almost no imported content for a smaller map size.
A save/load system so that you may save your score and use it in future games.
A fun and user-friendly evolution point system.
Item Combination
Bosses (Will add more in future versions)
Quests (Will also add more)






As prey you want to survive and evolve as much as you can. You get evolution points from greenish-blue pools around the map. (-pools to have the pools pinged on your mini-map) Once you have enough for a higher evolution, you purchase it like you would a unit. Note: your evolution points RESET when you die or when you evolve. Now if you are in a later game as prey, and have the final evolution team up with your fellow prey and try to kill the predators.

If you decide to play as the predators, you get evolution points differently than the prey. You obtain evolution points from either killing a prey, or killing critters around the map. Your goal is to kill prey as quickly as you can so that you can earn some fast evolution points. (Predators are not recommended to newer players)

I will try to put up more information and screen shots as time goes on. And possibly a youtube video.
If you have any bugs or complaints, please post them here so I can fix them ASAP.

2.19e- Fixed bugs with the treant spawn. Also fixed the meat man quest.

Evolution, Survival, Strategy

Predator and Prey Evolution (Map)

01:07, 9th Sep 2011 Vengeancekael: Status: Approved Contact Me
Level 7
Dec 3, 2006
Played this a few times. Has great potential and a good solid theme. Very similar to evolution tag in structure. All bugs that I have seen have been fixed. I'd vote for approval.:thumbs_up:
Level 5
Apr 10, 2010
I think I played Something Very Similar but with a different title which my little brother downloaded from wherever. If the beginning of this game is where you are caged with the predator for some time then later running away then it is the same
Level 4
Nov 26, 2011
If i not wrong, this game is the same with evo tag, but have quest, boss, save/load and different ways to evolve.
But still, keep updating :)