Pounds Cross

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Standart Melee map made by me. Nothing too spectacular but can be fun to play from new players, older players may quickly notice flying units are better to be used and may not see beauty parts of the map while walking with army. At center 6 buildings are spawning randomly, can be mana fountain, health fountain goblin laboratory, tavern, etc. Their guards are also spawning randomly and can be with strength somewhere 18-22 level. Not very mirror map but not small mirror too, just design differences and nothing surprising. Again it's made for fun purposes, what can really makes a difference is one of the orange camp that is close to the starting zone can drop level 6 charged item with 5% drop chance. For example is this is Doom, other team should just turn around and avoid it during it's existence so it's nothing to worry about.
Edit: Once a player goes down from it's starting cliff zone, he may want to start to circle around and kill the orange camps that are below the cliffs, where are building with guards sometimes on the way that often will spawn with red difficulty, they can be surrounded by easy without risk of being attacked by them

Pounds Cross (Map)