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[Spell] possesion ability target problem

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Level 3
May 12, 2010
I cant seem to make the banshes ability possesion target allied computer or friends no mather how I try to change its target in object editorn.
why doesnt it work? keeps getting the message "unable to target friendly unit"

specifically I want a ability to take over a unit which is a non enemy and then another ability to give back the unit and get back the unit I used to take over the unit.
Level 6
Feb 5, 2012
Just use the Unit - Change Owner and a timer..

Use Channel ability as your based ability with the Targets Allowed - Ground,Air,Friend

Event - Unit Starts the effect of an ability

Condition - Ability being cast equal to (Possession (your ability))


Set Unit X - Casting Unit
Set Unit Y - Target Unit of ability being cast
Unit - Change owner of Unit Y to the owner of Unit X
Remove Unit X from the game (this is optional, if you want the caster to be gone like banshee's possession)

You can use this in any means of owning a unit like banshee's possession ability.
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