Pokemon TD Team Red v2.0

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= Informations =
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Total PKMs
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68 (include evolution types) 1.24e+ Red version 2 or 4 players Wewe's Team wewe1312 vuongkkk [email protected]

= Maps =
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We have a utmost important mission. That is protect Kanto from the intruding of unknown monsters.
You can choose a place outside a city or town to stop the monsters to move farther.

Pallet TownViridian ForestPokemon Center

A small town and don't know why there are not too
much monster move to here. The benefit terrain
help us to defend easily.

It's hard to defend here. You may need assistance
then bring your team with you.
This is the place where has no monster lead to.

= Pokemons =
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- We have a Pokemon Center with many pokemons.
- When you have enough experiences, ask us, we will give you more PKMs in pokeballs.
- PKBs wil be transport throw Transporter to your place.
Just choose a specify Pokeball and order move or release at your place,
the PKB will move or release PKM there!
- After each wave of monster, we will provide to you a slot.
So you can have more PKMs to stop the moving of the monsters
- Each pokemon has skills are different from the others
- The weather will affect to PKM skills then don’t you just only one type.
You will be disavantage!

= Monsters =
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-They just move wave by wave and try to enter city/town.
Try to kill them before they reach the gate. The citizens will be in danger.
- Kill them, you will got more experience to control more PKMs
or make a PKM to evolve

= Gameplay =
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- Have 4 weather type: Sunray, Moonlight, Storm, Rain
- The weather changes after a wave finish
- You have 2% chance to pick a shining PKM, they are stronger than normal ones

= Screenshots =
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= Credits =
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First, thanks to everyone in gamevn.com forums for always providing
me feedback and supporting map. Our host project at there!

Special thanks to:
- Vexorian, Nestharus, Bride, Jesus4Lyf for their sys and lib
- Alan001, Boogie_b, iNfraNe, Nasrudin for the imported models
- All imported icons by wewe1312

= Notes =
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- Our map has a specify effect for a skill. And they can make decease FPS.
Don’t set high config at video option.
- Because of gameplay, our map do NOT allow the players create a block space.
Then if you can't build there, please check the way you build the path for monster.
- You will become a master someday if you realize how to order your PKM right.
Try to understand pkm skills first then those day will be NOT far anymore.
When that day come, you can crush the hardest monsters with your team :D
- Have fun with this map, especially someone who love PKM :D

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Pokemon TD Team Red v2.0 (Map)

Orcnet [23:00, Nov/30/2012] "Approved" + pokeballs!
Level 30
Jul 31, 2010
mother of pokemon games!

this is absolutely fantastic, I am actually expecting a pokemon name but using warcraft models but it isn't you somehow got those pokemon models by a friend or so which totally boosts up the game, I'm not remembering much of all of the pokemon abilties but I can gladly accept your work, terrain is very beautiful on the start of the map and following the rule of tower defense to reduce as much pathing doodads on the wave lane which is rad, overall this game is meant for pokemon lovers and haters a like, this map is totally recommended ;)
Level 3
May 1, 2012
Can i request can you make an rpg of pokemons. This game is great but i am a loap and rpg fan can you make one and bty i give this 5/5
Level 4
Oct 13, 2010
Thanks you guys for care about my map.

+ Balance between monster and PKM? If you can't pass the easy, don't worry. Just note:
--- You will become a master someday if you realize how to order your PKM right.
--- Try to understand pkm skills first then those day will be NOT far anymore
+ Balance between PKMs each others? Some PKMs is useless.
--- But they're cheap, right? So that they benefit for the start of the game :D
--- Even, they help you not only to damage monsters (although not much), but also to build your path for monsters!

Updated: Have the most important note that i forgot to mention.
You can consider it like a pulzze. Sorry about that, he he.

BTW, if you guys like my map, rate it
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Level 1
Oct 2, 2011
I played this map alone several times last night. This map is good. The idea is awsome,one thing i liked the most is the PKM interactions (forgot their names lol). Models are cool and gameplay is fun !

Things i think u should improve are the music and PKM's skills descriptions. All the skills descriptions are the same type, some misleading n hardly to understand. For the background music, its Pokemon boys, why don't u add the Pokemon theme song or sth like that?! just a suggestion :D

I throw 3 pokeballs, keepup good work guys.
Level 7
Nov 18, 2012
I hope the pokeball has a global teleport skill.
Bug: When the pokemon tower is building, the food decrease by 1 and press space and choose another pokemon fast enough, you can have 2 pokemon with the food cost of 1,
and then the food revert back to 2/1
Level 4
Sep 5, 2010
The foodcapacity is bugged. If you build a tower, the capacity will decreased by 1 for a while. I don't understand why you aren't use pokemodels for the creeps. Some spells are bugged or worked not right, but I like the idea of some spells and the weather condition is nice.