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Please I need a great terrianer

Level 1
Dec 20, 2004
Hello any good terrianers out there that want to do the whole city layout for the map I am working on. First I will tell about my map a little.
It is called War of Dalaran. You start and get to pick 1 of 40 heros. Later in the game the city will be attacked by invading forces so you must train your hero and creat defences to withstand the attackes. To earn money you must get a job. you can get a house, car and more. ( this part is like real life) So it is a mix of a real life, rpg, more.

I am kinda sick of the way I try to make citys. I use that ole real life theme with the blocky buildings and corny ways to try to make it look good. Can somebody please terrian a cool city? We can do whatever you want, you will of course be in the credits and if you want to we can work on future maps together. Please respond to me here, or pm, or aim me (rhodesrash) Thank you