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Plane billboarded 3d Model

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Level 1
Jun 7, 2008
Hi Dudes ^^

I got an problem.
For my new map project i need two 3d models that are shaped like a square which are looking to the camera at all angles.
The one needs to look at the camera at at all 3 axes x y z.
The second needs only to look at the camera with z axis.
Those models are used to show Heroes as 2d sprites without animations.
So the texture on the squares should be 1024 x 1024 or atleast 512 x 512.

One kind of those models who be very useful to me but the two will solve all my problem on this project.

Does anyone know models that is suitable for this purpose?
Or can pls someone make those models or atleast one?

Would be very nice. XD

THX in advance :D
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