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Pixel Art Character Template

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Yeah, basically what the title says.
I suck at pixel art, so I'm sure you guys can do better.
It's more of a showcase of what you can do with this model.
Just make your own texture and change the character into that, you can probably find tutorials on Hive for how to do that.

For the texture, I made it in 32x32 and then enlarged it to 128x128, this is mainly due to how the textures are compressed.
If you have better idea on how to make it look good without doing it this way, hey, go for it.

Here's an example template of how to make your own texture.
You can also refer to the .blps on how it actually works.

For the weapons, I use it as an attachment to "weapon ref"
So you can have an endless amount of pixel art weapon like how JRPGs do. (almost)

Also, if you have any idea of what additional animation this might need, reply here.
I may or may not do it.


Pixel Axe (Model)

Pixel Mage (Slimmer) (Model)

Pixel Mage Staff (Model)

Pixel Soldier (Model)

General Frank
Might be useful for some people, but it does not fit wc3 and it pretty basic.