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The Peasants are the pillars of the survival of the human race, with their ability to collect resources like gold and wood they use such to build structures for the kingdom of Stormwind.

All textures are with the better quality as possible for cinematic purposes, so it's up to the user to optimize it or not.

This Model contain the following animation sequences.

  1. Attack 1
  2. Attack 2
  3. Attack Gold
  4. Attack Lumber
  5. Cinematic Hang
  6. Cinematic Reverence
  7. Cinematic Roar
  8. Cinematic Talk
  9. Cinematic Wounded
  10. Death
  11. Decay
  12. Portrait
  13. Stand 1
  14. Stand 2
  15. Stand Gold
  16. Stand Lumber
  17. Stand Ready
  18. Stand Ready Gold
  19. Stand Ready Lumber
  20. Stand Victory
  21. Stand Work
  22. Stand Work Gold
  23. Stand Work Lumber
  24. Walk
  25. Walk Gold
  26. Walk Lumber
Character model belongs to World of Warcraft - Blizzard ®


Peasant (Model)

HUPeasant (Reforged) (Icon)

Level 8
Jul 9, 2017
Why the hell peasant has an armor? -_-
Also this style is so disgusting. I freaking hate world of warcraft.

ps. I have nothing against Zaffar and his porting. I leave this without rating. I'm just criticising WoW game.