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Orgrimmar Tunnels

Submitted by Mr.Henci
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Orgrimmar Tunnels

Map Description

Orgrimmar, a newly constructed capital of the Horde, was in need of fresh water, thus goblins mined into a huge caverns. The only problem was, it was already occupied by kobolds.

Orgrimmar Tunnels is 1 vs 1 player melee map.

- 11 500g Base, 14 500g expansion
- 10 Green camps
- 8 Orange camps
- 2 Red Camps
- 1 Tavern
- 2 Goblin Merchants
- 1 Goblin Laboratory
- 2 Mercenary Camps​

Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2

Screenshot #3

Screenshot #4

Screenshot #5

Screenshot #6


Version 1

    • Map Uploaded.

Version 1.1

    • Swaped mercenary with expo
    • Added more trees as requested
    • Gave more buildable terrain in main base
    • Thanks @mafe and @Ragnaros17 for feedback

Version 1.2

    • Small fix patch
    • added critters to the middle, since i accidentaly removed them in v 1.1
    • added some decoration to the "out of map" areas
    • adjusted the fog

Author's Notes

My take on Rexxars's campaign mini-area Orgrimmar Tunnels, which I really enjoy.

Have any suggestion? Please write a comment. I am opened to any ideas. Have a nice day!​

Orgrimmar Tunnels (Map)

hello there, very nice map, I really like it there are only two things that bugs me 1) the design of the mercenary camp area, i think is too open, my sugestion: use wood to do an U region so the building can´t be reached by the laterals 2) more...
  1. mafe


    Map Reviewer

    Nov 2, 2013
    hello there, very nice map, I really like it

    there are only two things that bugs me

    1) the design of the mercenary camp area, i think is too open,
    my sugestion: use wood to do an U region so the building can´t be reached by the laterals

    2) more and more wood to the map. Add wood every where you can.

    You put the goblin lab. The first thing I do is try tu buy the goblin machine to harvest wood fast, when you put that building you have to put more wood in the map
    so put wood in the water,
    more in bases (those corners cover it with wood), also wood in bases seems low.

    send the center to the abyss and add wood there

    remember between balance (wood) and enviroment choose ten times balance with the eyes closed.

    rating 5/5


    Good memories, I also liked the tft "orc" campaign very much. The map is small, but the distances between the bases are good nevertheless. You captured the spirit of the campaign map very well. A few notes:
    -Map isnt "Melee (latest patch)" yet.
    -There is too much unbuildable terrain too close to the main bases for my liking.
    -Wolves dont look like underground creatures to me.
    -If you intended this map to be viable for highlevel gameplay, the expansion position will make it very hard for humans to play vs undeads.

    About expansion locations, I will quote what I've wrtten to @Ragnaros17 who had somewhat compatable expansion layouts on one of his maps:

    "It is a difficult topic which I cannot explain to full detail without writing hundreds of words. Let me just say the following: Look at any competitive 1v1 map and you will see that expansions typically satisfy the following criteria:
    -There is an expansion that is clearly closer to player A than to player B, and vice versa.
    -The creeps are lvl 17 total maximum, often lower (but only rarely a green spot).
    -The expansion can be reached with sufficient militia time left so that you can expect to creep the mine even in the face of minor harass.

    As always, these criteria are somewhat flexible and in fact the it would be good to have somewhat different situations on different maps. But I would expect that if you make one factor so that it makes expanding more difficult, then you add something else to slighlty help expanding. On your map however, I believe you add several things that discourage expanding and there is nothing to balance it."
    So let's look at these three criteria for you map here:
    -Closer to payer A than to player B: No -> This makes expanding harder than usual.
    -Creep level is 17: Within acceptable boundaries, but again towards the direction of the scale that makes expanding harder.
    -Militia timing: That one is fine.
    Conclusion: Expansion is harder than on maps that are considered balanced.

    Just for a comparison, I would say that the map (among the ones that are part of the current competitive mappool) that is closest to this one is amazonia. There we have
    -Expansions clearly belonging to one player,
    -Guarded by lvl 16 creeps,
    -reachable with more time left for miltia (roughly 10% of more total militia time).
    So expanding on your map will probably be harder than on amazonia, which is already quite hard. For some anecdotal evidence, the 2017 gcs summer (essentially the wc3 world championship) final was a 120 (undead) vs th000 (human). The final map of the bo5 was amazonia, and I believe I remember ToD (one the most legendary wc3 players of all time) commenting with something like "gg 120 win" in twitch chat when he learned that amazonia would be the final map. Of course, being a human player himself, ToD might be biased, but I believe he had point here, not least because his predcition was correct.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 4, 2018
  2. Ragnaros17


    Oct 26, 2017
    Wolves are cave creatures in real life and in star wars


    also in Skyrim there are tons of underground / cave dungeons, with wolfs and bears

    -Map isnt "Melee (latest patch)" yet.
    This one is needed to have the tavern heroes, goblin tinker, firelord and the alchemist.

    the design of the mercenary camp area, i think is too open,
    my sugestion: use wood to do an U region so the building can´t be reached by the laterals

    more and more wood to the map. Add wood every where you can.
    . . .also wood in bases seems low.
    when you put the goblin lab, more wood should be added, the first thing I try to do is to get the saw goblin machine to harvest a lot of wood.

    rating 5/5
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2018
  3. Mr.Henci


    Nov 6, 2013
    Thanks both for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

    Yeah, I acctually update it like 15 minutes after upload, but thanks for reminding me. (Probably wasn't quick enought :p)

    Hmm, never thought of that, but I guess you are right. Probably will implement some kind of "walls" to stop players from buying units without fighting the creeps.

    Well, well . . . When I was thinking about this "cavern theme" of the map, I had this image, that caves are plentiful of gold, but on the other hand wood isn't present in big numbers. When it comes to "low on wood" - mains have 200+ trees while expansions have 120 trees, which I believe is reasonable, but I understand your point. Again, I was trying to find balance between "gameplay" and "theme". I might change it, but it depends on more feedback.

    Again, theme was a big thing in this. What I wannted to achieve is a feeling, that you are in real cave, - claustrophobic map, in which you must plan ahead, since space isn't plentiful like on the surface. (I tried to make it possible to build T3 base + enough place for AoW creeping near most of the orange creeps) But again, if more people will feel negative about this, I will definitely change it.

    Can you explain it to me in more detail please? I am not a huge melee player, so I miss the valuable knowledge of yours. (I can awoid this mistake in the future as well)

    Big thanks buddy, makes me really happy. :)
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2017