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Orcish buildings needed

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Jan 29, 2008
I hate to start off with a long story, but I'm gonna have to.

Around a year ago, i was about halfway done with a map of mine when my comp decided it would be cool to go the way of the dinosaurs. Having put a lot of time into it, I was put off of starting again.

A couple months ago I decided to try it again, and so i've been working on it in my spare time. However, there are two key things that are missing from the map this time around. Two models, to be precise. In the pictures below, please note the large tower to the right side of the screen in the first picture, and the doodad that looks like a tarp being held up by two totem poles in the second one.

The initial project's name was Fate of a Gladiator, and I plan on sticking with that unless something better strikes me. At the moment I am focusing entirely on recreating what I can of the terrain of the original map, but it is becoming quite difficult to piece together a convincing orcish settlement without these two models that I leaned so heavily on.

These are both fairly critical models, especially the tower, that I feel tie the whole area together, and fit very well into the orcish motiff. Obviously, they have already been made before....however, over the last year they have managed to disappear from any of my older sources. I have spent a lot of time in the last week looking for them, and have thus far been unsuccessful.

What I need is something similar to either of those models. The second one could be perhaps substituted with a reskin of the back portion of the support column model, but I consider the first one invaluable. Of course, if anyone can direct me to some place wehre I can download the model I originally used, then that would be fantastic.

In addition, if you have any other orcish buildings that aren't featured on this site or wc3campaigns, then I would love the chance to see them. I have more screenshots of the map if you're interested in seeing them in order to get a general idea of what I'm looking for.

If I've posted this in the wrong spot, I apologize. Thank you in advance for your time.

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