Oni - The Reddish Ogre

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Yes, he's Red. Do you expect he is pink ? Maybe someday you get a pink ogre in a future. :cgrin:
Feel free to do whatever you do with the skin and even you bother try to edit out, i wouldn't care.
There is no keywords. Good day!.

Version 1.0Released.
Version 1.1
  • Change the tattoo pattern.
  • More glow on the left ogre.
  • Add white pattern on the right ogre.
  • Added a skull on the pants.
  • The bead is now more shiny.
  • The flesh is now less dirty than original.
Version 1.1aAdded Icon for Oni Twin, Main and Secondary

BTNOni Main (Icon)

BTNOni Secondary (Icon)

BTNOni Twin (Icon)

Oni - The Reddish Ogre (Texture)

Level 15
May 25, 2017
I mean I can understand it recolored, i did try to make it different enough that outweigh it usefulness.
But couldn't this have any chance get approved if i improve it? It's not like you instantly just put me in substandard straight away right?