Oni - The Reddish Ogre

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Yes, he's Red. Do you expect he is pink ? Maybe someday you get a pink ogre in a future. :cgrin:
Feel free to do whatever you do with the skin and even you bother try to edit out, i wouldn't care.
There is no keywords. Good day!.

Version 1.0Released.
Version 1.1
  • Change the tattoo pattern.
  • More glow on the left ogre.
  • Add white pattern on the right ogre.
  • Added a skull on the pants.
  • The bead is now more shiny.
  • The flesh is now less dirty than original.
Version 1.1aAdded Icon for Oni Twin, Main and Secondary

BTNOni Main (Icon)

BTNOni Secondary (Icon)

BTNOni Twin (Icon)

Oni - The Reddish Ogre (Texture)

Level 19
May 25, 2017
I mean I can understand it recolored, i did try to make it different enough that outweigh it usefulness.
But couldn't this have any chance get approved if i improve it? It's not like you instantly just put me in substandard straight away right?
After having reviewed most of your other works I completely missed your first skin so here's a review for it:

The Good:
As your first texture I can see a lot of the hallmarks that would become a staple of your later textures. For example you've taken the original ogre and turned it into something very different and cool. For one I like all the nifty details like the tattoos, skulls on the shorts and glowing almost lava-like eyes which look great. Not to mention your update improved on a lot of the shading and highlights that were lacking on the original. The texture is also versatile as it can be used for both a demonic ogre, a Druid of the Flame slave or even just a red fleshed volcanic beast. Another thing which is impressive is how well you've managed to deal with the mirroring of the texture when applied on the model and getting it to line up and still look good. The amount of freehand is also good after the update.

Areas for Improvement:
My biggest complaint would be that the tattoos can look a bit flat, they need just a little bit of shading so they blend in with the contours of the Ogres body a bit more, otherwise they look flat against the shadowed detailing of the rest of the ogre, in particular the white eyebrow paint on the second head. Obviously as a first texture it doesn't have as much free hand as your later works but its not a big deal, after all we don't need 100% free-hand but just thought I'd leave this here as a statement for those who like reading reviews of these things.

For a first texture its great, really stands out and after the update looks as good as most of your other skins (although I have my favourites). I do also like being able to see how your skills have developed over time and the improvements but as it is, this is a great and very useful addition to the section 4.5/5!