One piece- Battle of logue town and Enies lobby

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One piece- Battle of rogue town and Enies lobby

One piece-Battle of Rogue Town and Enies lobby

What Team there is this map?
Rubber Team pirate, force of pirate of usopp isle, CP9,Smoker, forces of logue town and eneis lobby.

What is the objetive of everyone team?
The pirate must kill the Governement for disability the gate magic that close nico robin in enies lobby, after destroy it must rescue nico robin and go in circle.
What isle there are in map?
There are 4 isle in map: Water seven, little Garden, Usopp isle(center pirate), Rogue Town(small center of ship and of marine, Enies lobby(Ceter of governement and marine).

And for Marine?
The cp9 and smoker must kill the Ancient Weapon named PLUTON.

There are some upgrade?
Yes there are many. Look bottom image



Stats of map: Coming Soon
Terrain [||||||||||] Finish
Spells [||||||||||]
Pc Orders [||||||||||]
model [||||||||||]
Misc [||||||||||]
upgrade [||||||||||]
items [||||||]
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