Old WIPs

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So I've got these old model tucked away, and decided I might aswell show a few off. All are finished, and few may still need polishing, still, but that's just small details and all that.

Also, are there any here that you'd like to see uploaded? Your choice.


  • PandarenJudicator.PNG
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  • PandarenKnightess.PNG
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  • Faun.PNG
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  • Avarice.PNG
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Any over-complications are due to the textures I used. However, the Knightess is simply wearing multiple plates, has a potionbelt, a crescent shield, and a pair of spears. I also went with a more classic type of Full Helm, with the pointed tip.

I'll probably use the raw Knightess model as a base for more female Pandaren, and hopefully emphasize their bust a bit more to show them more easily as females.

However, I'll try my best to go for more basic characters, it gives them a cleaner appearance.
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