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Objekt-Editor max start stats higher

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Level 2
May 27, 2013

i tryed to find a solve at google but whitout results. hope someone around here can help me.
btw: sry infront for my bad english, im from germany.

I tryed to create a Hero with high stats. Want to use him as a Boss.
But i cant change the starting stats value higher than 100.
Im realy confused, dont know how to fix this.
The german name of the value in the Unit-Editor is:
"Werte - Start-Beweglichkeit" i dont know the english
name of this. sry =( But i can tell you, it means:
"How much Agility has the hero at the start?"

Hope someone can tell me how to fix this.
Level 26
Sep 26, 2009
Setting Boss's attributes to 100 or more is not that good idea, mainly because Agility attribute increases attack speed and the game will accordingly increase speed of attack animation to match that unit's attack speed - that will lead to boss who's attacking so fast it doesn't look good at all.

If you want to create a boss unit, set start attributes to lower number - like 20 and set no increment to attributes per level. Set high health, mana, damage, in their respective fields.
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