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OaD 2 v1.0.3 (Map)

Vengeancekael Date: 2013/Jan/29 19:05:31 [Please do not send me a message, use Staff Contact] Comment:Sigh... Updated & upped the rating. [tr]Highly Recommended Rules Vengeancekael Date: 2012/Nov/02 00:40:35 [Please do not send me...




Date: 2013/Jan/29 19:05:31
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Sigh... Updated & upped the rating.​
Highly Recommended


Date: 2012/Nov/02 00:40:35
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Terrain-wise there's not much to say, everything's detailed, the tile variation is well executed and it looks realistic.
Gameplay-wise, it's the classic AoS style with 3 spells and an ultimate, while you've also included a combo system, which is kind of fun to fiddle around with. :p
The elements system is a small addition, but I don't see it as gameplay style changing.
You've added 2 different boss scenarios with varied spells for the bosses which is a neat idea for an AoS map, but you went too far with RPG elements in OaD: The quests you've added aren't necessary, you're deriving the game too much into the wrong direction, players should focus on PvP and on lanes.
There's a large variety of items, you've organized them well with the single merchant.
The custom units and models however are kind of a let-down due to the low quality, I know you're supposed to make low quality textures because of the file size limit, but this is just really bad to look at. :V
It would've been better to use models from the models section which are of high quality while at a small file size.
The Cosmic Mage's model/skin is a great example for this: The black cape is just really unattractive and not majestic looking at all, it looks like as if it's made of some black dirt. You've also made his eyebrows gray-white which doesn't really match the rest of his face, black would have been wiser.
And he looks weird with just one shoulderpad.
The Desert Mage's attack animation is also choppy looking, he always moves his legs awkwardly after every attack.
But enough of these small details, lets just get straight to the final point:
You've stuck to close to the generic AoS style, 3 lanes, creeps in a jungle, bosses (yours with different spells), a main building you have to destroy (but you have added a domination mode which is basically capturing 2 points to score - This is however a mode that is rather a small feature that will not be played so often, the normal mode is the main and more complex mode.
When I approved the project as a hosted project, I was expecting your team to come up with something completely out of the box, however you've leaned too much towards the classic AoS and only done retouches, by improving upon the same idea.
A video game comparison would be Rift and WoW, Rift being mainly the same type of game as WoW, but just having improved upon the same idea, the same questing system polished, better visuals, etc.
Note: I totally forgot to mention the UI, yeah I guess it's fine to implement DISBTN's like that to save space.
So to close this off, I will rate this 4/5, but will raise the rating once you've done the below things:
  • 80% of the hero selection info is the storyline of the hero which, to be honest, 90% of players don't care about. I had already told you to add a short summary of the hero's skills and main function. in the team.
  • Oasis Archer's+Desert Spearthrower's shadow image should be shrunk
  • The level indicator should be put behind the player's name in the multiboard, to save space. (and it'd look better) [Talking about the multiboard here]
  • Reduce the size of the Oasis Defender's selection circle


17:47, 21st Mar 2012
Vengeancekael: Hurr - Approved
Level 2
Feb 26, 2012
Should you make that ricipe has holy stone and darkness stone, but there aren't there
Level 6
Feb 8, 2012
Oh yeah why the recipe can't get instant crafted when i'm double click on it?
i having much money and energy but can't have a crafted recipe item...
please fix this so i just can click on the elemental orb recipe to get a elemental orb not so hard to craft it with set and something like that...
Level 7
Jan 9, 2010
My feelings about finally having a new AoS map that I am excited about would require a surfeit of profanity to express fully, in a good way.

I don't like getting negrep, bans and all that stuff though, so just a 5/5 and much respect for pulling this off.:thumbs_up:
Level 4
Feb 5, 2012
Okay my review for this is

SKILLS 3.5/5
HEROES 3.6/5

Where's the creeps anyway?..why they don't spawning?..not the neutrals..but if there is no creeps then fine.Anyway my total average for this is


I don't mean that skills and heroes are not good but it's better if there's more.
Hey! I just tried out the Sun Rogue and how awesome it was.
I really liked the combo skill sets you made, especially the Shocking Sun that fixes the units at the optimum Corona distance. :)
I'm really enjoying the hero we suggested for you; and we'd be glad to give out more hero ideas and awesome skill combos. :)
As for the Cosmic Mage, shall we make the combo skill sets for him? :D
Level 2
Mar 23, 2012
Type -tow, and you get what i said. I report that bug :), i truly tester, not just see and dump :) Trust me, i'am a person you can trust :) I'am not lier like other beta tester :) Will test again. Um.. when i click quest on quest giver, there aren't show the quest, why?

Nerubian creep's doesn't spawn when first killed :( just the little one has spawn. Corona don't damage when second time cast :(
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Level 14
Nov 18, 2007
Oh nice, you released a public version already. ^_^

I tested the map in single-player as Gnoll Headhunter.

  • The first message that is displayed by the mystic vendor shows "|n" instead of a line break.
  • The interface for the time display (top-right corner) shows "Food" instead of time.
  • This is nit-picky but Gold talks about gold being mined from gold mines.
  • Potions don't state that they're not combat consumables.
  • Clock Teleporter could state that it has 5 charges when it gets sold.
  • It would be nice if the middle lane teleporters didn't completely interrupt the hero's orders so that he could move to whatever he was going before he teleported.
    Otherwise, good job on making it so that heroes automatically go to the teleporters by moving.
  • Gnoll Headhunter's research tooltip for Rage shows W instead of Q.
  • I feel like Gnoll Headhunter's Instinct has a rather high mana cost for something that can only be used if his other spells get used first.
  • I feel like the Desert spawns had an advantage over the Oasis creeps. One lane that I never went to had an Oasis Tower which lost a third of its life while the Desert Tower didn't get any damage. This also might have been due to the Oasis spawns always arriving before the Oasis tower was able to kill off the Desert spawns, which kept resulting in the Oasis spawns being weakened.
Level 3
Jan 10, 2012
OK, so i was playing with my friends yesterday and today and i found alot of bugs, since i was trying to master lightning warrior in those games il use him as an example...

1. Whenever lightning warrior uses his 1st skill true form, he loses all bonuses from items, added elemental stats, etc. :thumbs_down::thumbs_down::thumbs_down:

2. Selecting AIR gave me no agi, as opposed to what the tooltip said :vw_wtf::vw_wtf::vw_wtf:

3. IDK about other stones, but when i had 2 holy stones at once, it somehow removed holy stat and added fire, thus by dropping 2 stones then picking them up, you can add as much fire stat as you want, but you get a negative holy stat instead. I had 87 fire and -62 holy after i was done with holy orb.

4. IDK if this is intentional or not, but the spawns of sasquatch keep spawning until it totally covers that area, spawning atleast 20+ sasquatches and since they have bash, can pretty much bashlock you to death.


1. The quest gives 6 lumber, waaay too much for such an easy quest of killing 10 neuts.

2. Neuts are too easy :vw_unimpressed::vw_unimpressed::vw_unimpressed:, you can kill up to 3 camps at lvl 1 with some starter items.

3. Whenever selecting the quest guy, the annoying "I HAVE A QUEST FOR YA!" is really ANNOYING! :ogre_rage::ogre_rage::ogre_rage:, can there be something done about this.

BUT OVERALL THE MAP IS AMAZING. Keep up the good work! :goblin_good_job::goblin_good_job::goblin_good_job::goblin_good_job::goblin_good_job:
Level 2
Feb 5, 2012
Great map ^_^ can't wait for next patch. Love that combination of that skills. I have to say as Fusion said above. Creeps could be easily slain on first level. With Rogue I slain that bunch of spiders with spider queen(lvl7) on 3 lvl :O
Have same problem with elemental stats. Gets that bonuses like +1 attack or air, which give you that chance of attack speed, but no basic stats like str ect.
But other stuff are amazing. :) good work
Level 8
Sep 20, 2011
i found a bugging bug
1.when i give the courier an item it will be sold instead of being carried
2.the gnoll combination skills wont work
3. yetis are overflowing the top lane that they attacked my creeps (oasis) one time
4.sometimes at the bottom lane,my (oasis) creeps ignores the 1st tower and continue their path to the second tower,stop there and die.
Level 3
Jan 10, 2012
ayt, so new map tried and tested, good job fixing all the bugs for now. Yet again i have a few things to comment on, so here they are:

1. Some neuts are still too easy, but maybe they're for the lower levels or those that lagged behind. You choose whether to buff them or not.

2. Towers are too easy, 900 hp is too low, even at the first few waves of creeps towers can be easily pushed.

3. Oasis is at a disadvantage since Desert creeps deal 31-32 damage while Oasis creeps deal 21-22 damage.

4. IDK if this was intentional or not but there's either a bug or stat cap since i had only up to 120 agi on my hero.

5. New Quest should be buffed some more, sure they are tanky but sometime mid game, my lightning warrior soloed that quest with just air orb.

6. Like what gen said, even in beta 3 you can still enter the other player's base, just spam right click and soon enough you get in. Maybe just remove the block altogether and add an invul tower that deals OP damage?

7. I dont really see the point of the swamp boss, maybe you can explain?

That's all for now, looking forward to the next release of OaD!
Level 3
Jan 10, 2012
Alright, first the bugs:

1. Stat abuse bug is back, my exact conditions were Lightning warrior, with air orb, 17 air stat 3 holy stat, pick up 2 holy orbs, it drains my holy and adds fire.

Now the suggestions:

1. Sun Rogue combo is too imba, the one where he puts the enemy at the exact corona range.

2. ntow mode is alittle imba in the over all fight, one team gets one whole lane and they enemy cant bounce back. Its pretty much a gold farm, push a tower, let enemy push it back then keep repeating.

GJ on nice items, great for early-mid game, but orbs are still the best item.
Level 2
Apr 14, 2011
Hi, Duos! Its great to see your project published! You've done lot of work and i can say that its really wonderful AOS, much better than OaD 1. Best whishes to your project!
Level 3
Mar 17, 2012
Bug found!

When my friend share me and tell me to help him up his element stats ,i can keep up his stats unlimited unless i press escape or cancel.

I found a bug.
First off, I had -33 Holy, apparently. I didn't type -stats before I cheated to get the Pulsars.

Once I reached level 30, I wanted to see how powerful the Pulsars were. Then I noticed that I wasn't getting as powerful as I had thought.

I checked my stats before and after placing the two Pulsars.

Evidence below.


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