Night of the Dead: Spec Ops

Level 3
Apr 30, 2010

Night of the Dead Spec Ops is a hardcore coop survival game. It draws inspiration from war3`s NOTDII and NotD:SO. Veterans of NOTD-style maps should feel familiar with this map right away.

If you have no previous NOTD experience fear not, the map will detect newbie teams and adjust the difficulty for your first games so that you may familiarize yourself with the game. Additionally you can setup computer players in the lobby and enabled them in-game, although their capabilities are somewhat limited, nevertheless it can be a good method to test out the various classes at least. Also there is a bootcamp mode you can select in lobby which has various informative instructions (sort of like a tutorial).

To play the game simply join sc2 chat channel: notdso and ask to be invited to a game, or just host the map by searching for keyword night/dead/spec ops in the host map screen, and invite others from the channel. The map can also be found around the 4th page in the join custom game screen. Ideally, if you are a beginner, you should play this game with 5-6 other people as large teams are harder to coordinate.

The map is available on EU and US.

Some of the notable features of the game are:

-Heavy focus on replayability. Each playthourgh will generate different zombie waves, item spawns, mission locations. The map also scales according to number of players and their skill level.
-Complex achievement system, saving a large number of custom achievements such as rank, medals, badges, ribbons and codex entries!
-Leadership system that allows 2 players to act as team leaders and coordinate the team.
-Heavy teamplay focus, created by 12 unique classes and various systems to reward team play and ignore or penalize fraggers and "lone wolfs"

Enjoy the game!

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