Night elven portrait eye question

Level 7
Mar 11, 2017
Hoping to get acceptable results as with the high/blood elves, now I wish to try and make simple edit to the night elven vanilla portraits and add some eye detail to them.

I've thus far experimented on a night elven portrait you can see inside of the model bundle: Simple variations on Sylvanas .

Actual request:
Before I apply the changes to all units, I want to get the night elven eyes right and at their best.
Could you name and link night elven models that in your opinion have accurate eye detail in their portrait?

Note to answerers: if possible, I prefer those models that have actual representation of pupils to the ones that have uniformly glowing flashlight-eyes
(as an example of the first: the classic warcraft 3 wallpaper with the night elf face has eyes that I like and find very detail-rich:
(as an example of the latter: the night elf archer of the campaign screen has flashlight eyes I'm not a huge fan of)