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Newbie map maker

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Level 2
Feb 6, 2016
Hi...its been a long year since i play warcraft 3...during that time,i m only using the world editor for making a custom unit,using model and skin....and i have a basic knowledge in world editor 3...hiveworshop and its community is such a great forum...i love to use source from here to editing a map..but i m never do my own map....the only thing that i use is only object editor and import manager....other than that i m never and doesnt know to use it...so i think it is a time for me to try making my own map...i have read some of the tutorial here and i manage to understand it a little bit...i have and idea such as the big map with sea and land....so i can use custom race

Do leave your knowledge to share it with me....how to use trigger,terrain editor,Jass and anything about making a map...Thank you:ogre_datass:
Not open for further replies.