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NEW! [Unnamed] Horror Map!

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Level 9
Feb 3, 2006
Hello All!

Alot of you may of played my 'Blair Witch' Map.
I turned Warcraft 3 into a Very Dark, Creepy, Scary Place. But i did that Years ago.

Until Recently, I've only had small ideas for a new Horror Map. I've been playing Many upon Many Horror Games (On Playstation 3, PC) and getting myself new ideas. And one day, i had a Very Unique Idea.

Title - [UNNAMED]
Genre - Horror
Players - 12 (At the Moment)
Map Size - 480 x 480


This map will Have Little to No Action, I dont want it to be a huge All-Out War against some Evil Entity...
Basically, you will control a single unit, and you must explore the Massive city, looking for clues to what happened in this city. While you're doing this Weird/Strange/Creepy/Scary things will happen, Which i hope to Implement in such a way that it will get everyone :p

Different Everytime you Play
Everytime you start this map, your character will wake up in a different part of the city. And the story can be different all over.

Feeling of being Alone
Sure, you can chat to people playing, But you will not know where they are. The city is Vast, and has many Crevasses and Hidden places that i doubt you'd meet up with any of the other players Unless you somehow know your way around.

Well, it isnt really a Flashlight, with a Cone-of-Light Style, you have a Light around you, and can choose to Turn it off and such, It does have a Battery so if you dont need it, turn it off. If the Battery Runs out of Power, it will Turn off (Obviously) But Magically the Battery will slowly Recharge OverTime. Ofcourse, you have to home your not Stuck in a Hallway of an Apartment Building, or In the Mines...

Yes, Fixed Cameras
Resident Evil games were Scary, due to its fixed Camera Positions. Therefore i can pull of quite scary events, that'll get your Heart Pounding.

ALOT of Custom Sounds
This map will be Cram-packed Full of Sounds to get your Heart Racing...Yes, there is a 4MB Limit...Which sucks...But im sure i can fit in Scary Sounds into The Map using the .OGG Format!

I hope this becomes a reality sooner or later...Ive only started working on it. There will be many locations in this map which have rarely or never been in a horror Game, I just gotta think real Hard for this :)

I'll update this Whenever i can when i think up new Ideas. I Shall Post Screenshots of Completed Areas Aswell.

I've added a few Pre-Alpha Screenshots of 'The Mine - Reception', this is a Wake up Spot.

Co-Founder of ShadowNasta Productions


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Level 9
Jan 14, 2008
sounds very interesting...

especially the random starting point thing. would probably give the map a huge replay-value.

thing is, maps like this totally depend on the terrain.

gl with the project



Level 4
Jan 16, 2006
Love the idea i was going to try to make a scary map single player but i couldent think up much ways to make the game scary with warcraft 3.
about the flashlight, maybe name it lantern, since light goes all around, and if its electirc powerd lantern it wouldent change how it works :) goodluck i hope to see this finished.
Level 6
Feb 23, 2008
wonder how warcraft could be scary...

well... who's the killer has the "nanananananana.... nana.... nana....." sound which is creepy the firt time you hear it.... wonder what could be scary cept for a screaming woman...
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