New Spawn System (E.G)

Level 8
Oct 23, 2006
Recently I've decided to make a brand new spawn system for Sereg D`or, the spawn system that I've decided to use was this system: You have a base spawn at every single base, but you are able to improve that spawn by upgrading from any of the unique techs at that spawn, which will add that unit(s) to your spawn, this should in my opinion add another layer of strategy to Sereg.

This is the example Spawn Tech Tree for: Otters

Base Spawn for Otter Main: Otter Fighter, Otter Archer
Upgrades for Otter Main:Assassin's Guild*Unlock Otter Assassins* , Domestication*unlocks turtles*.Call of the Sea *unlocks wave summoners* , Guild of the Dark Paw *Requires Call of the Sea, unlocks Otter Mage*, Warrior Tradition *Unlocks Otter Brutes*.
Upgrades for Aktar*otter sub base newly re-named*: Glory of Aktar*Allows Spawning of Aktar Elite*note new unit Aktarian Warrior is free, no upgrade required* *, Cult of Nag'hullak *unlocks Aktarian Mages*
Level 3
Jul 22, 2007
I see.

Well, the Otter one looks interesting and the Empire one looks great, but when are they going to come out? 1.05.0? 1.04.6? It'd be nice to have a general idea, because these seem like they might be cool.