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Jan 1, 2006

A total conversion altered melee, heavily inspired by StarCraft


Spellbringers is a project I have been working on for over three years. It's a total conversion altered melee, heavily inspired by StarCraft. It features three factions currently, with more planned for the future: Order, Nature, and Death. It focuses primarily on competitive multiplayer, but I have plans to eventually create a campaign for it.
I have currently completed a total of 11 terrain maps for Spellbringers, including seven 1v1 maps, three 2v2 maps, and an FFA map.
I have a little Discord community that playtests every weekend, so it has gone through many balance iterations. I am finally ready to release version 1.0!

~ Bawbz

Spellbringers is a total conversion mod for Warcraft III Reforged, completely changing the game into a classic real-time strategy game that is full of surprises. It boasts all new units, many custom models, and completely asymmetric factions. There are no heroes in Spellbringers, however, each faction can construct a unique Spellbringer, a mighty structure that casts powerful global spells. Economy, base-building, large-scale management, and small-scale skirmishes are all essential to Spellbringers gameplay, and the Spellbringers themselves lend a special twist to each of these mechanics. Spellbringers has been in development for over 3 years in its current iteration and is now ready for public beta. Join the Discord server to get access to the game and play now!

The inhabitants of the Spellbringers universe are ruled by several gods, each the embodiment of their individual aspect. These gods grant mighty powers to their followers through the use of their Spellbringer structures. Each Spellbringer is a conduit that channels magical energies from the godly realms, allowing mere mortals to direct them and cast powerful, global spells.

For more information, you can watch this short video for an introduction to Spellbringers gameplay.



Spellbringers currently features 3 unique factions, with a fourth planned for post-release development.


The Order faction worships Valantor, the god of order. Valantor's followers consist primarily of humans and celestial beings such as valkyries and angels. Additionally, these humans can construct mighty machines of war such as the devastating catapults and looming airships. The Order faction prefers to approach problems through superior strength and brute-force tactics. It is also the easiest faction for beginners, while still offering a challenge for veteran players to master.

For a brief introduction to the Order faction, watch this short video.


The Nature faction worships Shaela, the goddess of life and nature. Her followers consist of elves, treefolk called Dendroids, faefolk, and various wild beasts. This is a deadly faction that requires guile and finesse to master. It is a challenging race for beginners, but once initiated players will find themselves enjoying the unique base mechanics and tactical gameplay.

For a brief introduction to the Nature faction, watch this short video.


The Death faction worships Ket, lord of the underworld and ruler of the dead. His followers are radical cultists, crazy scientists, and undead monstrosities. The Death faction can raise a horde of zombies to overwhelm opponents in a battle of attrition, or can choose to slink around the shadows using deadly vampires and vengeful spirits. This faction can be easy to approach but difficult to master.

For a brief introduction to the Death faction, watch this short video.

Full Release - Success!

Full Release simply means that the game is stable and fun. Development on Spellbringers will still continue throughout release, with balance changes likely and the addition of a completely new faction.

Head-to-head Tournament - Coming Soon!

A beginners tournament is now open for registration! Click here to see details and register! The tournament will be broadcast live on twitch!
Prize pool is currently $500.00!

Single-Player Campaign

Once the factions are all completed, a single-player campaign is planned. This campaign will delve into the world of Spellbringers and focus on the rivalries between the various gods and goddesses and the mortals who get caught in the crossfire. The campaign will likely be released in stages, with each faction having their own campaign series.

  • Join the Discord community to chat with the team, arrange games, upload replays, or provide feedback.
  • Visit the Tournament Page to view details about the Beginner's Tournament and register!
  • Check out the YouTube channel for helpful build order guides, VoDs with commentary, and more.
  • Feel free to send a message to Bawbz for questions or feedback.