Nerubian Fountains

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Nerubian Fountains
Created by WerBack

Map Info

"After the march of the Scourge in Northrend, little was left of the Nerubian culture. One of the things that were preserved are the magnificent Fountains of Azjol-Nerub. Powerful secrets are to be found, but not all secrets are meant to be found."

Nerubian Fountains is a 1v1 melee map, based on the Icecrown Tileset, that draws direct inspiration from AoS type maps. It has one central lane, two side lanes, and two "boat" lanes for the dudes who are not afraid to use surprise tactics. It also contains a hell lot of neutral buildings, most of them being fountains (as the name suggests).



To keep the AoS atmosphere, most of the terrain is unbuildable.

  • 1 main lane
  • 2 side lanes
  • 2 water lanes
  • 2 lanes between starting point and expansion
  • Several creep camps
  • 2 way gates that teleport in the middle of the startpoint-expansion upper lane

Neutral Building
  • 4 shipyards on the ends of the water lanes
  • 2 fountains of mana
  • 4 fountains of health
  • 2 Goblin Merchants
  • 2 Taverns
  • 1 random building in the middle of the central lane (31% Goblin Laboratory; 22% Marketplace; 9% Mercenary Camp; 13% Fountain of Mana; 25% Nerubian Ziggurat Placeholder)

Creep Camps

There are four powerful "revive"-able creeps (Dragonspawn and Nerubian) that can change the game, be sure to get them first. This was done to change the usual melee gameplay a little bit without making it a custom game.

  • 1 random green camp in the center of the middle lane
  • 2 Green Tuskarr camps close to the Start Point Shipyard
  • 2 Murloc Green Camps guarding the Goblin Merchants
  • 2 Magnataur Orange Camps guarding the expansions
  • 2 Tuskarr Orange Camps guarding the expansion Fountain of Mana
  • 2 Orange Dragonspawn camps that are close to the tavern and drop "revive"
  • 2 Furbolg Red Camps guarding the expansion Fountain of Health
  • 2 Nerubian Red Camps guarding the middle-lane Fountain of Health
  • 2 Nerubian/Faceless Extremely Red camps with good drops

Additional Info

This is my first melee map that I upload here. Surely it is imbalanced in certain aspects, and I'd be happy to get feedback to fix future versions of it.

Screenshots and Videos

Terrain Overview:


Change Log



Special Thanks:
  • -kobas- for map description template

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

icecrown, nerubian, ice, snow, northrend, azjol-nerub, melee, secrets, revive

Nerubian Fountains (Map)

Vengeancekael Date: 2012/Oct/21 11:28:38 [Please do not send me a message, use Staff Contact] Comment:Remove the sheep and chickens :V Also place the starting locations closer to the gold mine. And do not use height tools on cliffs, it looks...




Date: 2012/Oct/21 11:28:38
[Please do not send me a message, use Staff Contact]

Remove the sheep and chickens :V
Also place the starting locations closer to the gold mine.
And do not use height tools on cliffs, it looks quite weird.

Level 13
Jan 21, 2012
Short review:
From first view look's good!I really liked it,it's just those wall's...I mean not that they aren't good or anything,just there are too many of them,Looks messy how you put allot of creep place's in one region.As I said I liked it and it was good.Creeps are well chosen.Just could use a little raising/lowering on the ground.You could have added a little blue/black/white shrub at the trees places...Could use some rock's etc...Eagle's weren't necessary but,look's good....

I give it a 4/5 and +rep !

Keep it up!
Level 18
Jun 15, 2012
Love dat minimap,
Downloading, you'll have my review soon

First thing, I was really surprised by the file name, -(2)Nerubian Fountains, 'cause I've never seen anyone, exept me, using the "-" in front of the filename.
However, the terrain looks good..
My only suggestions are:
-move the starting point closer; the reason is that undead would me much advantaged
-also, remove Crabs, Sheeps, Chickens, Lizards
-4 health fountains is not so good.. and waygates are, in my opinion, too close to each other. I'd suggest to keep the 2 mid fountains, and replacing the nothern and the souther one with the 2 waygates, placing in their previous spots some creeps
-last thing, yogg-saron should not drop 2 items, in my opinion

Make few changes and it will be 5/5 from me
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Level 14
Jul 27, 2007
Thanks about the review! Here is a list of changes that I think about making, let me know if it will be better that way:

* Remove the current Fountain of Mana (FoM) position, replace the expansion FoH with FoM. Expand the central starting location forest closer to the expansion, opening more space.

* Remove the wall that separates the expansion from the lanes. Put a forest, a small lake, and a creep camp. Put the Tavern on the place of the current shipyard close to the Start Point. Opens more space.

* Put more trees in the second expansion where there's currently an open snow area.

* Remove the waygates. They were a good idea, but sadly, there's no place on the map that can't be reached easily, except the harbours (where the idea is that IT CAN'T be reached easily).

* Change the Faceless One from the Extreme Red Camp to Glyphs.

EDIT:, I'm using this so that it is easier for me to find the file afterwards.
Level 18
Jun 15, 2012
Even if there aren't any difficoult places to reach, Waygates are really useful to travel long distances in short time, and could be really useful if you place 'em at the current FoM positions, since you're going to move the FoM to another position, leaving that spot free.
This is again only my idea.
Level 3
Aug 24, 2012
Man, those neutrals are rockin' xDDDD They are a force lol.
I love levelling my heroes on them :D
Thanks for the map!