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Negative Bloodlust

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Hello guys, i guess everybody is familiar with the spell Bloodlust. The thing is, i wanna make a negative Bloodlust spell that affects only enemy units by reducing their attack speed, movement speed and scale factor BUT the buff's tooltip text always shows as positive and i wanted to display as negative since the spell is negative.
Another thing, the caster won't automatically cast the spell on enemy units in combat. Is there isn't a Trigger-free way to do that? Else, is there a Bloodlust spell without auto-cast?

This is a map so you can test it and repost if you solve the problem.
I Prefer not to use triggers.


  • Crap.w3x
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Level 25
Aug 13, 2011
Although it requires a trigger, it's a very simple fix:
  • Events
    • Unit - A unit Is attacked
  • Conditions
    • ((Attacking unit) has buff Bloodlust) Equal to False
  • Actions
    • Unit - Order (Attacked unit) to Orc Shaman - Bloodlust (Attacking unit)
You can set conditions to make it more efficient and all that, but that alone should work just fine.

And for the buff, add this to the beginning of the buff's tooltip name:

And |r after the name will end the color code.
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