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Need terrainer for AoS-like map

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Level 8
Jun 21, 2009
Hello, can anyone help me make an AoS-like terrain?


^on the sketch, the green lines are trees, basically a forest. Gray lines are mountains. For the Rock harvesting areas, I'd like it if there were some...well, rocks, there. For Wood area trees...

The lanes, well, middle lanes would be equal, tho, the left/right lanes are supposed to be longer for the blue on the left, longer for the red on the right.

For the ruins in the middle, I was thinking of some demonic-like runes/effects there?

If possible, can the Capital area be surrounded by walls? And the base being circled by them? (as in, that line splitting the base from the rest of the map being walls)...note that the factions are both demons/orcs, so, orc walls would do...

Docks area being...well, like docks. For map's tileset, was thinking of a mix between Underground and Dungeon. Underground being for the blue faction's part of the map and Dungeon for the red's...If the texture space is not enough, then only Underground.

The sea could also have some props there, am considering of using it for neutrals to spawn in so heroes can kill them.

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