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Need Specific Building Spaces

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Level 4
Mar 20, 2014
Hey Guys, I was wondering. I'm making a map and the size that the buildings take up on the ground is actually really important. Right now they're all either 2x2 or just the size of a barrel's pathing, but I need other things like a 5x5, and a 4x4, and a 5x4, you know some other sizes. Do they exist? If not how do I create them? Kinda upset if they don't exist.
- Zach
Level 9
Apr 19, 2011
You can create your own pathing maps. I think this can help you:


I never actually tried to create pathing maps (as I never needed to do so), but as far as I know this should work. Another option would be to manually create pathing blockers whenever you create a new building, but I think that's rather difficult to manage...
I hope this helps.

Kind Regards
The Voilet Citadel is one of the largest pathing blockers there is.
It has a 12x12 unbuildable/unwalkable path and a 2x2 unbuildable rim around it.

Please note that when talking dimensions we talk the smallest of grid size.

The post NarGalloth links to is a great way to get started if you want a completely custom pathing blocker.

Fx. If you want a 16x16 (4x4 medium grid) which is unbuildable but walkable. You open paint. Resize the image to 16x16 pixel and paint it all blue (red = 0, green = 0, blue = 255).
Save it. Convert the image to .TGA with [thread=137599]this[/thread] tool, and then import it to your map. Change your building's pathing with the imported file.
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