Need One piece idea rpg

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Sep 13, 2008
I have seen aos, and defense one piece maps. You are doing good if you stick to pure roleplaying.
You should have these things:

1. Boat Combat
2. At least a few custom character models(If you use the animes characters)
3. Triggered and/or scripted spells
4. Plenty of quests/side quests.
5. Terrain: Watch the show get ideas from that.
6. Game can be slightly imba since show used rock paper scissors style.

Could follow the plot if you're a die hard fan. If not alternate story would be refreshing.
hm... nice idea, +rep after I post spell in trigger ^^ some spell for chopper and sanji I have already :)

This is my idea:

If I make a map and put the islands in cardboard visited: water7 enies lobby, the island drum, the village of usopp, little garden, Logue town, and take a ship to nadare on other islands must first earn the money killing monsters? I put all ciurma except nico robin who must find where it is. When they are close to enies lobby put buster of a movie and call for their elimination should come to enies lobby?
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