Need help with ideas for city

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Level 26
Apr 6, 2010
It will depend on what plot elements will be happening in your city, but here are some general ones:

Shop district / Artisan's district (Upgrades, items, and fetch quests)

Town hall (Nicely decorated area, plot-important quests)

A river running through the town and a harbor (exotic shops, travel to other areas)

A sewer system (if there's an infiltration/exfiltration quest)

Bad part of town (rundown buildings, neutral hostile thieves, put the Thieves and Assassin's guilds here)

Temples (nicely decorated area, healing/ressurection, quests)

Walls and gates (Defend the city)

Graveyard (placed out of the way, necromantic quests)

Food shops (healing items, place these everywhere)

What else will you need?
Level 19
Apr 10, 2010
If you need a place for the main city, make it somewhere accessible. Not much creeps or enemies since its a big city. Big cities mostly exceed economically and have a good cost of living. So make it look good, be accessible and make the city not meant for everyone.
You also need those essentials like blacksmiths, markets, etc. Good locations for it would be near the sea/ocean so it would be the fishing capital or somewhere where there are many resources. Maybe put some schools, Colosseum, Barracks for defense, also divide the city into different parts, each having a corresponding function or specialty like one part is the economically exceeding part, one is the barracks, defense area, one is the residential, one is the castle, etc.
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