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Need Models and Icons for LoOV Campaign

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Jun 14, 2010
Im requesting some models for heroes in my campaign (currently making the team, anyone is welcome at

So for the models - Should be 5 models

Altrakk Everflame - Paladin, should use paladin animations, all i need is to give him good armour, hammer ended with golden phoenix like head, and helmet (full helmet if possible) and shield on his back.

Aryo Bladefur - Werewolf/gnoll with demon hunter's blades and demon hunter's animation, in some cool black leather armour and with bandage around his eyes. Could use some good cast animation, other should be demon hunter.

Chrono - Black mage fully covered in purple bandages, and with some dark purple/dark blue robe and cape. He should have a black staff ended with some kind of amethyst bat. Could use necromancer animations.

Erumoice - archer, i know i can use the sylvanas model, but i want something different, so maybe something that uses sylvanas animations, but has her cape/hood made of feathers, hood made of skin from bird's head, alongside with beak, quiver on her back, longbow (ofcourse), and some leather armour.

Sin - Young dude (around 15) wealding trident/spear/halberd and chainmail armour. Could have some cape, throught, using blademasters/felguard/other animations. Also, some nice cast animation plz :thumbs_up:

Also icons, as is in the name of this (pointless) thread :grin::grin:

I know its much work, but i really need this :cute:
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