Need modeller for a simple job for my campaign map

Level 14
Jul 15, 2005
Hey there.

I'm the author of the 'To the Bitter End' Action RPG/campaign series (currently up on as TTBE Chapters I-IV... and with some older versions of Chapters I-III available here on as well.)

So far I have made all the custom content in my campaign myself, except three models that I imported to act as attachment weapons. However, after thorough testing it turned out that these it is these models that cause the game to sometimes crash when loading a saved game. The crashes are becoming a real nuisance, but there are no other appropriate models available for download here. Thus, I need a skilled modeller to make replacement models for me that do NOT crash the game.

The job I have would be very simple and someone who knows what they're doing would probably have it done in a single day (if not only a few hours). I would be eternally grateful for the help and anyone willing to do this would definitely earn a special thanks in my .txt file (and the eventual credits once the whole campaign is complete).

If you think you're up to it, please let me know here ASAP and give me some means to contact you and provide further details - e-mail, PM, AIM, MSN, or ICQ are all great.