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Need ideas for a Guild Wars Arena map!

Your opinion of a Guild Wars Arena map

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Apr 30, 2009
I really like how flexible the Warcraft 3 engine is and how you can create almost any game with the editor and proper knowledge. I have started making several AoS-based maps but get pissed when it comes to coding all the spells and all the heroes. I thought a more appropriate project to start with is a small map that even I can do cleanly. I will base this map on the popular online RPG Guild Wars: Prophecies.

Essentially I am making a small (size 32x32) arena within which a team battle of up to 5v5 will take place. The game will be structured so the map will work with different modes of combat found in the real game, which will be selected by vote or the hosting player:

Capture the flag
King of the Hill
Defend and Destroy

At this time, I am only going to have heroes of the original six character classes from the first episode of the game; Warrior, Ranger, Monk, Necromancer, Mesmer, and Elementalist. Each class has attributes that reflect a certain facet of that profession's skillset.

Warrior - Axe mastery, Sword mastery, Hammer mastery, Tactics
Ranger - Survival, Marksmanship, Beast Mastery, Expertise
Monk - Smiting, Healing, Protection, Divine Favor
Necromancer - Blood, Death, Curses, Soul Reaping
Mesmer - Illusion, Inspiration, Domination, Fast Casting
Elementalist - Fire, Water, Earth, Air

I envision each attribute as a spellbook that the players will add levels to via the hardcoded hero skill point system. All heroes will be level 20 at start so they can distribute these points as they wish. There is no need to gain levels as this is not an RPG but an Arena game where the emphasis is on player tactics rather than farming. Each spellbook will contain abilities from the game which are more powerful as the book has more skill points in it.

As for items, I think I will make items preset based on the player's profession and use them solely to modify the base hero stats to suit the profession chosen or to add atmosphere (example, one warrior model might be Grom Hellscream, who is carrying an axe. So the warrior inventory will contain a sword, axe, hammer, and shield just to provide a logical basis for this hero putting points in something besides Axe Mastery)

Currently, I am looking for ideas on the following:

Best models for:
Female Necromancer (currently using the old Warden model)
Female Warrior (maybe a melee Sentinel)
Male Ranger (no male models seem to carry bows)
Female Mesmer (may use Runner model from elf campaign)

The players will select a hero type and a hero of that type will randomly be given to them, so there will be several possible Elementalists with unique models and soundsets but otherwise identical just to add flavor.

Any input on the inclusion/exclusion of secondary professions. At this time they are most likely excluded due to the complexity involved, although the original game allowed a character to have skills from two professions.

Efficient means of setting up the game with hero selection without using map space for taverns and minimizing the use of buggy dialog buttons.

A way for corpses to be spawned for exploitation by Necromancer spells. Ideas I had were generating a corpse when a hero dies or giving the Necromancer an item that can be used to spawn a usable corpse on a moderate cooldown.

Spells from Guild Wars you would especially like to see included.
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