Need Help Finding These

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May 20, 2009
So, after some searching for something I needed I found this.

I notice that it says this is not for requests, but I don't see any forum section for requests...

Went a little bit off track.

Main point of this thread is I'm asking if anybody knows if there is a much more recent version of this pack.

This fits the style perfectly from what I want, but the most recent pack there has some bugs on the models.

I would ask permission then edit the models myself, but I skipped right to SC2 modelling and didn't learn anything about WC3, plus I use Blender and there is almost no support for MDL/MDX for it. (Closest thing you can get is converting the models to .Obj, but you lose linked textures and animations.)

Anyway, the two bugs I saw so far is on the Tower. When using the "Cannon" Towers animations, it'll fire and quickly switch to the Guard Tower's animations, then switch back to the Cannon towers.

Also the portrait appears to be unfinished, as they all have the same portrait which is the tower part missing the top piece.

I also feel like the Arcane Sanctum's animation is a little bit too fast, but that's just personal preference.

Edit: I spent about 4-5 hours looking through Wayback Machine and other Caching websites with no luck. Please someone help. D=
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