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(need help) Demo 1.01 Mission : Countdown to Extinction

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Level 1
Aug 25, 2022

This is my first post, i need help info on how i can kill and destroy all the Murloc bases, the neutral creeps, getting all the items including those in the Human Tent, all of that under the 20 minutes countdown of the mission on hard difficulty on the 1.01 Demo.

This was the most far i could go.

Im not an expert of the game, but i really like it, im really trying and i need to do those things.

I tried doing what Aesis Gaming and Grubby show in their videos, but there are differences between The Frozen Throne, Reforged and the 1.01 Demo.

The differences are:

- Thrall cannot learn earthquake

- Murloc Huts summon their units really fast

- Thrall's spirit wolves do much less damage to Murloc buildings

- Raiders skill, Ensnare is a magic skill in the Demo, so it cant be used on the Siege Golems

- Witch Doctor skills, Stasis trap also stuns your units, and the murlocs and the towers focus them, they also focus the healing wards

- Grunts upgrade, Berserker strength needs Fortress

- Items cant be sold in the Goblin Mechant

- Items cant be stacked

- The Murlocs Sorcerers level 6 Heroes, 1 in the east base and 1 in the south east base, they have a skill, Rain of Fire, that skill deals, a lot, of damage, it has almost no cooldown and they spam it like a damn.

The Naga Witch skill Earthquake deals a lot of damage to buildings, really hard to stun her because murlocs focus the stasis trap.

The Siege Golems ignore your units and only attacks your buildings dealing a lot of damage to them, they have the Slam skill, that when sorrounded they Slam and do a lot of damage to your units and also they frikin tank a whole deal of damage and the only way to destroy them without them touching your buildings is with at least 6 Catapults.

As time passes it turns difficult managing the production, defense and attacking of the bases

I tried destroying the Siege Golems base first so they dont destroy mine, but while doing that the other Murloc bases units are in my base doing it.

I tried rushing catapults, and it seems like it could work on the first minutes, but i just can destroy the south corner base or 1 to 2 buildings of the Golems base and scratch the ones that remains, before the Murloc armies are in my base.

I tried rushing massing Grunts and with the units your given in the start of the mission, with healing items but then, same result.

In the run shown in the video i saved and used scrolls of healing, totems of healing and scrolls of protection to support them and destroyed the corner base and the Golem base, but the battle in the Golem base is so difficult only a few of my units barely survived and finished the base, but while doing that the Witch base units were in the remains of mine destroying it, all of that without been able to creep the neutrals or getting the tent items because of focusing on the defense and attack to the Murloc bases.

Like mentioned before im not an expert or have a high APM but i really need to do those things-
thank you for reading through all of this and again i really will appreciate your help.
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