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Need help creating a summon

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Level 3
Aug 21, 2014
Hi guys, i really don't know if this the proper place to post this, but here i go:
I need help for a summon spell for my Mage Heroe in my RPG map, the idea is to create "X" monster with the "Locust" ability on it, so none can attack it and it can't be clicked, the thing is, how could i make it work for this "x" monster follows the main hero everywhere? And also, if the Locust ability is on, this doesn't stop them from attacking?
Level 12
May 28, 2015
Order the summoned unit to move to the the position of your hero or order Patrol to the summoned unit..

You might want to base your spell to channel and mainly trigger the summoned unit so that it would be easier sort of like this:

Unit starts the effect of an ability
Ability being cast equal to (Spell)
Create 1 "x" for owner of triggering unit at the position of triggering unit
Add (time) for last created unit [time life]
Order Last created unit to Move/Patrol triggering unit

Edit: Use variables so that you can remove location leaks.
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