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Need easy tower defense or castle defense

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Level 2
May 13, 2005
I need very very easy tower defense or castle defense.Easy triggers - easy map.Bug aren't important for me.Only need very easy td or castle defense with heroes.Castle defense only heroes.I know adding new items-units etc.I added new items.I need only easy map and easy triggers.Please , need short triggers.

Thanks for helpers.

I can add region.
Edit : http://www.wc3sear.ch/?p=Maps&ID=4843

My castle defense map.It isn't good.Please help me .I don't know triggers.Please help my map or please help mee !! You know all triggers and map design.
Level 5
Mar 12, 2005
ok in answer to your question there is no easy way to make a td. its all done with variables and lots of triggers. there are tutorials on making td's and variables etc on the site. or you can open someone else td and look at there triggers to see how they did it. however don't just change a few bits and then call it your own because ppl will recognise it and call you a loser for not trying yourself and stealing someone elses map (unless you have permission from the original map creator). on the brighter side if your new to making maps then you would be better to look at how someone has designed their map (terrain) and make yours new and different especially using doodads to add more detail and make you map look pretty ^^.

so in a nutshell:

There are no easy triggers

have a look at other ppls maps and learn the triggers, don't copy

then make one yourself twice as good :D
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