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Need a Banner...Also does anyone know how to make a sword model???

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Level 15
Jan 26, 2010
First off this is my first time and...well i could really use a banner that has Blood Red Smoke,also i don't really know how to make a sword that well. so could someone help me with that???

i don't need anytime soon... just post it and pm me the keywords to search for it..THANKS:thumbs_up:
Level 9
Mar 31, 2011
Why just search banners on model section then add special effects like smoke, then I'm sure that have has a lot of swords in the model section, too. Hope I Help.
If you will stop using purple text, annoying to read, and stop overdoing the smilies.
To attach a sword to a model using vertex modifier and Magos's War3 Model Editor:
Open the sword in Magos's War3ModelEditor
Open the Geoset Manager
Extract the sword's geoset
Save it somewhere you'll remember
Open the texture manager
Extract all textures
Open material manager
Extract all materials
Open the unit's model which you want to attach the sword to
Import the sword textures
Recreate the sword materials using the sword textures
Find which bone is the hand, named something such as hand, left, or hand, right, or weapon, etc.
Open geoset manager again
Import the sword's geoset
Attach the sword to the hand bone which you found earlier
Open the sword's geoset in the geoset manager
change the material to whichever material uses the sword's textures
Bingo! Sword and unit are now one model!
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