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Necrolyte Master Training

This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
When they master the dark arts, necrolytes learn the greatest of secrets of the Great Dark Beyond.. Yes, even the grey bald one.

P.S. Credit to @Lefroit for the idea of making alternate variant. Good on you!

orc, war, necrolyte, training

Necrolyte Master Training (Icon)

Necrolyte Master Training (56x56) (Icon)

Level 5
Dec 13, 2015
dat's the joke
I had suspected nipple-mister as soon as I read the Adept description, but... I hadn't quite prepared myself for it being the ACTUAL answer. :vw_death:

Atleast we will always have memories of when "Kil'jaeden was my wife once" was the scary, death-y, balding shadowboi.

Artwork does NOT seemingly show Ner'zhul having prominent nipples,
but I'm this >||< close to commissioning an artist and lobbying Blizz for a "Nipple King" alt timeline.
The Bosom Throne, anybody? ... Ok, I'm going home now.

Nonsense aside, this is infact a sweet icon! I'm loving your work on these remasters, @Artork312 .