My skin

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Feb 10, 2010
My giant skin

I have maked a skin but its not
enought good to be approved pls help.:sad:

Here is the skin.
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Its still incredibly messy. in comparison to the old one, its an improvement, but this is still a little ways away from being approved. I know you have this kind of fear of the skin looking monotone, but we dont want a rainbow (and honestly i think you have all 7 colours of the whole damn rainbow).
dont pick colours from the opposite ends of the spectrum where it doesnt compliment the skin. Like the eyes. the green can compliment the blue, but with that colour of clothing, its a very conflicting need to focus on what looks good, and not just what works.
adding texture to differentiate skin from cloth is good dont need to have an opposite colour to represent the clothing. Just a good texture difference :p. Other than that, yes its an improvement. Is it approvable, Not at all at this point. but continue trying.


you should follow the advice i gave you...

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Deleted member 157129

Why is his jacket cut into pieces? How do the pieces stick onto his body? What's going on in his solar plexus? The darker blue part in the middle of his upper body. What are all the crackles in his face? It seems to me that his face is made out of blue, monotone bark. His arm is a mess of curvy lines, try to make it more simple. Lastly, reduce the saturation of the brown and yellow to get a less contrasted look and apply some darker shading.
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Apr 10, 2011
i think its nice.
The arms look more better yhat before.
And of course the face is my favorite part of the skin.
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