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Level 11
Apr 22, 2011
Well we all now how this RPG is good and will be better ^_^ but I think it needs some better music, better to say more EPIC music...so feel free to post your opininons here.

You may add music that fits 'slow worest wallking' or boss fights, its your choise ^_^

Here is mine for a boss fight:

And the most EPIC song ive ever heard!!!

Next version will come up with some new music system where instead of having a long, constant loop you will hear shorter but multiple different tracks seperated by a longer silence. That way, the music won't start to annoy players so fast and we have more diversity.

I think this thread is quite a good idea, as I personally like soundtracks a lot.

However, if you really want us to consider adding a track to Gaias Retaliation, there are some factors we have to take into consideration:

- not all soundtracks sound good after heavy compression ... usually all "newer" soundtracks from the last 10 years have a high loss of quality when compressed to like 32-40kbm on 16-22.5kHz ... which is the compression we simply have to use in order to keep the file small
- youtube rips usually have a lack of quality ... we get better results if we can use a high quality mp3 as basis
- the songs should not be too long ... especially not combat tracks, which should have a length of less than 60 seconds
- battle themes should not have too much "tension progression" in order to make them loop adaequate
- please do not post movie soundtracks or 'real' music here; we can't use them because of copyright issues ... i know its basicly the same for game music, but this is more of a grey area than movie themes
- please tell the source of the music file so that we can "track" it. For example, where is the first song you proposed from? We need to know that before we can discuss adding something like that
Level 13
Oct 9, 2011
oblivion music is excellent, i think its fitting for the first area i.e 1-5 mobs. But the town should have its own theme if possible, so should everything after the bridge leading to gnolls/boars.
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